A 2 Year Certificate Course in Vedic Astrology & Remedies (English)


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All courses taught by Deepanshu Giri Ji

List of Courses You will Get Course Fee (Rs.)
Essentials of Astrology Foundation Course  English. 24,900
Predictive Astrology Part-1 English 30,500
Predictive Astrology Part-2 English 29,000
A Course on Navansha – English 11,500
Badhak Planets & Remedies Level-1 11,800
Badhak Planets & Remedies Level-2 11,800
Kaal Chakra Dasha 7,000
Yogini Dasha-Timing of Job & Marriage 15,000
Karma and Relationship 9,500
Special Classes [Webinar] on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English [Recorded]
Course Renewal Charges 2nd Year 44,000
Course Total Value 1,99,998
Additional Benefits
1 Consultation (chat-based) After complete payment 4,999 (free)
1 Year Magazine (pdf) subscription 2,050 (free)
3 Month webinar (Dec, Jan and March) 4,650 (free)
1 Study kit includes books and notebooks 4,500 (free)
Certificate Course Total Value 1,99,998
You will Pay  1,17,000Rs. Only


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This certificate course is designed for those students who want to learn astrology from a very basic to advanced level at home with online classes. The courses will be in recorded format although you will be invited for a live doubt session based on the questions you put on a forum.

This course validity would be 2 years and there would be no renewal cost for the second year continuation. The course validity will not show 2 years but it will be renewed from time to time and you don’t need to pay any bucks during the period of 2 years since the date of enrollment.

The list of courses you will be enrolled in are listed below. Alternatively, click on the COURSE Tab to read more about the respective course table of content.

Majorly of the following course will be in both Hindi and English Language. [Kaal Chakra Dasha, Badhak Planets and Karma Relationship course in English only]

Note –
The validity of the webinar would be 50 days only**
The Consultation will be provided after 45-60 days of complete payment.



  1. Predictive astrology Part-1 English
  2. Jaimini Sutram English
  3. Predictive astrology Part-2 English
  4. Kaal chakra dasha course
  5. Yogini Dasha
  6. Badhak Planets & Remedies lev-1
  7. Badhak Planets & Remedies Lev-2
  8. Karma & Relationships Course
  9. Special Classes [Webinar] on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English [Recorded]


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