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Predictive Astrology Course (Recorded Sessions) Part-2 English The course will not only give you a solid foundation in Jyotish but also a new perspective about life on how to work towards a goal and become a legend as every lecture we are going to talk about how you can improve your life by small changes and making a new path for yourself.

So what this course will contain;

The course will cover the detailed predictive techniques of 12 signs and 9 planets- This is an upgraded content as compared to last time as I felt this is time I should make this course more accurate so Pracitsing astrologers, as well as beginners, can easily make their mark in the world of Jyotish.

  • Qualities of sign to determine dasa and yearly results.
  • How you can implement and balance the energy of 12 signs in your life.
  • Remedies related to 12 signs.
  • Blank chart predictions will be revealed for the first time.
  • New Stories related to each planet and implementation of these stories in real life- See an Example FB post- on Lunar Astro- Venus in 8th house.
  • What this course is going to teach you in terms of Value- You will realise the amount and content delivered is something on which you cannot put a price.ย 




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