Predictive Astrology

This is a recorded course with 18 lectures and 12 recorded QA sessions + Jaimini Sutram on Rashis to clear doubts.-80 hours of lecture only on 12 signs and 9 planets – this is as detailed as it can get. Click here for more details


Kaal-Chakra Dasha

Kaal Chakra Dasha is an ultimate tool to time events such as Marriage/Job/transfers with accuracy up to day -this is a 4 hour Recorded course in English which helps you time the events- This dasha was told by Lord Shiv to Maa

Predictive Nakshatra Course

Extensive in-depth knowledge of each nakshatra on how to predict using nakshatra & Pending Karma through Nakshatra Padas -Physical manifestation of curses in chart and life pattern by Nakshatra Padas.Click Here

Remedies & Activation

This is a unique course for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of remedies and how to make custom remedies based on charts, As well as how to predict life patterns and events only by names.

Let’s Make life brighter with Jyotish.