Yogini Dasha – Timing of Job and Marriage


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Yogini Dasha –ย Timing of Job & Marriage

Yogini Dasha [Astrology Course] – Timing of Job and Marriage – Hindi | English

In this online astrology course, you are going to learn in astrology that how to time events using the Asht-Yoginiโ€™s along with the divisional charts.

And, most importantly a very big secret is going to be revealed in terms of the sequencing of the dasha used till now which is very much different from what is being taught in classics and books.

As this system has been tested on several charts and major aspects for each planet along with remedies has been discussed during the course like planets 8th to Rahu changes their behavior suddenly so if Venus is 8th to itย – native’s relationships and financial position change rapidly.

This online astrology course includes:

  • Dasa systems and their applications
  • Timing of Job, Demotion, Promotion, Gains, Change of Job, etc;
  • Timing of Marriage, Divorce, Troubles, etc;
  • Story of Asht Yoginiโ€™s and their implementation in dasa system
  • Divisional charts like D9 (for marriage)
  • Ups and Downs in Profession using D10
  • Best Periods as well as Bad Periods determination in life
  • Special positions of planets like combustion, debilitation, retrogression, digbala, mulatrikona, etc; – their workings and implementation on the dasa system.
  • Remedies and how to make those based on different charts.

One of the Best kept secrets of Yogini Dasha is going to be revealed in this course-

This course will not only help you in the timing of events but also how to use divisional charts in the timing of events.

Yogini Dasha which is to be taught in the course is different in terms of what has been explained till now in all the classics and literature available, so please come with an open mind to learn something out of the box and see the results of the Yogini Dasha in your chart.


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