Navamsa in Astrology



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Now a rare work, what readers will find in this treatise is unlikely to be found elsewhere.
I have ventured into an unexplored area of โ€‹โ€‹Nadi Granthas and classical texts where the concept of ‘Navamsa’ has been widely and innovatively applied to deal with various techniques of prediction.
I do not think it appropriate to list here the countless techniques discussed in the book, but I would like to make it clear that many technical terms such as Nidhanamsa, Ashtamamsa, Pushkaranavamsa, Bhava-suchaka-navamsa, 64th Navamsa, Vikatamsa, Bhava – madhya-navamsa and many more are explained, showing their correct transmission.
Many other techniques can be found from Vidhya-madhaviyam, Kashyapa Jataka (about 107 verses in Hora-Ratnam part II) and Nadi Granthas. If God commands and gives me energy and good health, I will implement this and many other techniques in the next edition. In short, I need the understanding of my readers because the fear of exclusivism creeps in when I try to extract the common sense from many difficult Sanskrit verses and express it in a foreign language.


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