Nakshtra Pad eBook Part-1


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My Gratitude to Lord Shiva!

I bow down in front of Shree Ganesh as due to his blessings only I

was able to write on a subject which was there before but no one

dared to decode the deeper meaning of the words said by Lord Shiv.

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understand the language of silence and when he speaks, Every word becomes important there are several meanings of one word, Me andย my team have tried level best to explain the best of what our small brain was capable to understand from our level of understanding toย give a thought process to students of Jyotish so they can help severalย other people who are suffering as a result of their past life karmas.

The reason to write the decoded Karam Vipak Samhita was as this was available in several other authors, lot of people published itย but no one was writing what I want to read the deeper meaning of a subject, Something which was not available or written by anyone.ย It is only blessings of Lord Shiv due to whom we are capable to produce this work, I would request all readers to pray to Lord Shivย before reading this book to grant you wisdom and understanding so you can even read what I am not able to write.ย One Sadhna of Lord Shiv which will help you mastering the subject will be offering Shivling yellow turmeric and saffron regularlyย for 96 days to give you deeper understanding of the subject, I have always asked from Lord Shiv the secret of Nakshatra padas as wellย as for the Kaal chakra dasa as well and as straightforward Lord Shiv is, He has never return me empty handed.ย I am sure Mahadev will bless all readers with same on praying to him.ย I must also thank team members who never wanted to put their name in this book and are co-authors with me โ€“ Chandrajeet, Garima,ย Ankit and Avtar who helped me with pure heart and intention toย give out 100% to get this book done.

It was not possible without the wisdom of my parents and support of my wife who always helped me to walk on a path ofย Dharma and to do good for others selflessly, When I see my father who work day and night with section of unprivileged society by nonpoliticalย way, or my mother who teaches yoga for free and only accept blessings of several people or my wife who compassionately worksย at office of Lunar Astro and help so many people by providing her wisdom and moreover food for everyone and remain as backboneย for Lunar Astro. I was supposed to teach this book as course but it came to my mind that there will be students who will not be able to afford it and, in this knowledge, money should not become the barrier for anyone, so I have tried to give out my best to everyone so Jyotishย can progress in this world.ย I wish all readers all the best.


Deepanshu Giri


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