Navagraha Purana



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A tale of nine planets. The Navagraha Purana records in fascinating detail the birth, life and glory of the nine planets, the powerful astral gods who are the ultimate arbiters of human destiny. This compelling tale paints a strikingly intimate portrait of the Navagraha people. Surya suppresses intense heat to please her beloved Samjna. Chandra has a crush on the guru’s wife and is cursed to lose her weight every month. Buddha marries Ira and she becomes his wife for one month and prince for the next month. Brahspati pardons his wife’s adultery and curses the lustful Apsara who was born a monkey. Usana becomes Sukra when she is swallowed by an angry Shiva. Sanayshara asks Trimurti to ensure that fear is instilled in all living beings. A fascinating blend of drama, romance, humor and devotion, the Navagraha Purana entertains and informs as it argues that no one can escape the relentless influence of the nine planets.


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