Maharshi Parasara’s BRIHAT PARASARA HORA SASTRA by R.Santhanam : The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination Vol. I & II



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Vedic astrology, like other areas of Vedic knowledge, aims at improving human well-being through alleviation of suffering. With this great mission, sage Parasara (one of his 18 great saints such as Narada, Vasishta, Jaimini), based on the principles of Vedic astrology, called Brihatparasarahorashastra (him for short). created this encyclopedic text called BPHS). As the name suggests, this book comprehensively covers the basic principles of Vedic astrology. It is essentially concerned with the description of life from conception to death, the underlying fundamental principle being the celestial conditions at birth that set the pattern for the entire human lifespan. The author’s twenty years of practical experience formed the basis for describing certain basic principles that can be used synergistically to interpret horoscopes. Special emphasis is placed on emphasizing the understanding of the dasa system along with the planetary harmonic charts and avastas. The Sanskrit shroka and the English translation are alternately written. A must-have reference book for practitioners.


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