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Appropriately Visnugupta announces that no one other than a sage can ace the ocean-like science of universe. The incredible Varahamihira announces, “No sin will crawl into a put that’s purified by the nearness of a genuine universe observer.” No individual who thinks about and divines the course of predetermination will ever be found in hell, but will reside for all time within the world of Brahman. This book brings to the fore not as it were the soundness of soothsaying but also the nature and structure of the right information that our progenitors had with respect to the unsurprising impacts of planets on human creatures and gives a otherworldly inclination to crystal gazing. The peruser has taken step by step in this work from the basics viz. the dissemination of groups of stars within the Zodiacal belt which is isolated into twelve Signs and the planetary chain of command, through the strategy of calculating the ascendant and other houses of a natal chart, appraisal of the qualities, impacts, perspectives, tribulation, common relations etc, of the planets, to the ultimate organize of perusing the brighter and darker sides of the subject’s life, his chances of victory and disappointment, their periods, entrance of the soul into the mortal coil and exit there shape as well as its flight to other universes concurring to its karma. In this book an endeavor has been made to grant a great account of the science of astrology, with a see to making the peruser a great universe observer. It moreover appears that soothsaying does not make man a passivist, a defenseless robotization within the hands of a barbarous Destiny. It ought to, on the other hand, offer assistance him to require to self-exertion and self-help.ย 


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