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This volume of Sarvarth Chintamani has been tragically over-deferred due to the sudden downfall of its eminent creator Sh. J. N. Bhasin. In his nonappearance the Distributers had to overcome numerous challenges, which, in case he had been with us seem to have been sorted out without any exertion two a long time back The manual proofs of over a hundred pages had to be disposed of as they misshaped the first content in Sanskrit had to be made; with offer assistance of Shri S. S. Sareen, but for whom the display shape and shape may have not been conceivable, he has not as it were altered the first shapes to such an uncommon and old content can be given with English rendering, a long felt require of our perusers.

The distributor expresses his heart, felt appreciation to Shri S. S. Sareen, Shri Girish Chand Sharma & Shri Vivek Seth for forming the book what it is presently some time recently you. success and disappointment, their periods, entrance of the soul into the mortal coil, and exit their frame as well as its takeoff to other universes concurring to its karma. In this book an endeavor has been made to allow a great account of the science of crystal gazing, with a see to make the peruser a great and genuine celestial prophet. It too appears that crystal gazing does not make a man a passivist, a powerless mechanization within the hands of a barbarous Destiny. It ought to, on the other hand, offer assistance to him to require self-exertion and self-help.ย 


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