The Rahu Ketu Experience: Everything You Wanted to Know about Rahu and Ketu



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Rahu and Ketu, the north and south hubs of the moon, are likely the foremost curiously, significant and strange of all planetary impacts in Vedic soothsaying. As the dragon’s head and the dragon’s tail of western mysterious thought the two hubs speak to effective psychic powers past our individual control or understanding They bargain with the mystery, covered up, unconventional, otherworldly or unreasonable sides of life-the higher and lower ranges of human movement past the ordinary scope secured by the seven major planets. The hubs are closely associated to world occasions and worldwide trends-the broader streams of fate and the collective impacts that can overpower our individual karma, counting dangerous events like wars or plagues. They are moreover key markers of future social advancements. For case, the mass media relates to Rahu, which speaks to modern, well known and sweeping patterns, whereas much of the cutting-edge of science and innovation, like computers, relates to Ketu, which speaks to knowledge, accuracy and opening the insider facts of nature. In this respect Rahu and Ketu have a put in Vedic soothsaying comparable to that of the external planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in western soothsaying which are moreover utilized for collective wonder. Rahu comes from the Sanskrit root’ rah’ meaning to stow away and alludes to what is mystery, secretive and profound or a cave. Rahu clouds or ensures and demonstrates Maya, which isn’t as it were figment but moreover any mysterious control or captivating information. Ketu comes from the root ‘ci’ meaning to highlight, show up or ended up awareness or a hail. Prash Trivedi offers what is likely the longest, most investigated and most unique book on Rahu and Ketu distributed in cutting-edge times. He has considered the classics completely and gets it the antiquated imagery of the hubs, which he clarifies with extraordinary clarity. But he is no insignificant repeater of ancient data. 


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