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The adage that an exalted planet behaves like a weakened planet when retrograde. This is not the case when emanating from a benevolent planet, a benefactor of nature, or the karaka of yoga. The role of retrograde planets, weakened planets, Viperis Rajoga forming planets, destroyed planets and burnt planets is discussed in detail in Chapter 31. The author elaborated on how planets can become too malevolent. Only good yoga and raja yoga shape a human destiny beautifully. Dhan Yoga and Raja Yoga advocated by Sage Pasar are certainly admirable. A unique sign in Trine/Quadrant, a planet in euphoria, helps humans save more than 100 crore rupees. A strong Eighth planet and a strong Saturn are essential to becoming a millionaire. When the Sun and Moon are aspecting the divine Jupiter, one enjoys good reputation and longevity. When Saturn aspects her, he dies early. We discussed the ups and downs of life using 300 practical natal charts. The author has provided a serious and excellent read for advanced astrologers.


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