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Lunar Astro Magazine 2024 Subscription [All 4 volumes]


This product will be delivered to you before 25 December 2023 all together.

*Free Vedic Calendarย  ย  *Free eMagazineย  ย  ย 
*Free Rituals of Happy Soulย  ย  ย ย *Available in Hindi & Englishย ย 
If you need PDF only, you need to buy the paperback version only.
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Lunar Astro Magazine Subscription for All 4 volumes

Questions and Answers Related to the Newly Launched Magazine 2024

Question: What is this magazine all about?
Answer: We introduce a magazine published quarterly with researched articles from different scholars in the field of astrology. We have a team of reviewers a committee that closely observes all articles. If they are deemed worthy, we send them for publication. The magazine covers important research in astrology, monthly predictions, Panchang, etc.
Question: What is the Vedic Calendar we are getting free with the magazine 2024?
Answer: This is a unique calendar designed by the LA team and Deepanshu sir. The LA Vedic Calendar is an initiative by Lunar Astro aimed at providing you with a Vedic Calendar featuring information on Panchang, monthly Ayurvedic tips, and seasonal remedies for your health and personal well-being. This calendar offers all the necessary updates on the daily Panchang, helping you customize your daily plan. Additionally, it includes various doโ€™s and donโ€™ts based on Ayurveda and Astrology, providing you with guidelines for living a fulfilled life.

Question: What would be there in volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the 2024 edition?
Answer: In 2024, the very first edition of Lunar Astro Magazine is going to be released in January. This edition will display well-researched and customized content for you. The specialty of this edition is dynamic articles based on predictions through different nakshatras. Articles on nakshatras like Ascendant Nakshatra & Appearance โ€“ Deepanshu Giri, Bharani Nakshatra โ€“ The Star of Restraint, Jaimini Sutram in the Light ofย  Nakshatras – Char Karak and Nakshatra, 7th Lord Nakshatra and Associated Karma, Techniques of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and so on are enlightening and will push your thinking in new directions in terms of using Nakshatras in predictions. There are also research articles that have never been discussed before, such as Guruvanshi combinations, Kundalini Yoga and Astrological Challenges, Wardrobe and Planetary Energy, and many more. In terms of Medical Astrology, there are articles on PCOD and Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Lunar Astro Magazine 2024 – January Edition.

Question: Will we need to buy all volumes separately?
Answer: You just have to subscribe to the magazine once, and every three months, you will receive the magazine at your doorstep.

Question: I want to buy only the PDF copy, how to get it?
Answer: The PDF copy of the magazine is free with the Paperback version. Even if you need the PDF only, you need to buy the Paperback version.

Question: I am not able to subscribe on the website page.
Answer: Although you can easily subscribe to the magazine with the link below,

If you are facing issues, please WhatsApp us at 8650333200 or 8650333212.

Question: What is the delivery timing for the magazine 2024?

    • Vol โ€“ 1: to be delivered before 1st Jan
    • Vol โ€“ 2: to be delivered before 1st April
    • Vol โ€“ 3: to be delivered before 1st July
    • Vol โ€“ 4: to be delivered before 1st Oct

Table of Contents for Volume – 1
Ascendant Nakshatra & Appearance – Deepanshu Giri
5 Divine Things Relevant for Prosperity
Assignment on Predictive Astrology Part 2
Bharani Nakshatra – The Star of Restraint
Foreign Travel
Impact of Mercury & Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ketu – The Journey Inwards
KP – Nadi & Concept of Longevity
Kundalini Yoga and Astrological Challenges
Labh Yoga & Applications
Maandi & It’s Applications
Panchmahapurush Rajyogas At Their Peak & Past Life Karmas
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
The Enigma of Mercury
Unvะตiling thะต Multifacะตtะตd Influะตncะต of Rahu and Kะตtu on Individual Horoscopะตs
Wardrobe and Planetary Energy
Your Business & Freewill
7th Lord Nakshatra and Associated Karma- Special Nakshatras
PCODFor volumes 2, 3, and 4 โ€“ You will get the details 15 days before the publication.



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