Lunar Astro Magazine 2023 – All 4 Volumes

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Sharing the new version of Lunar Astro magazine as last year when we started this magazine with intention of sharing knowledge it took us time to find some rare gems across the country especially in Uttarakhand and Himachal to share some of the core secrets of astrology. This edition you will get flavour of what we have unearthed, I canโ€™t explain the length and breadth team has gone through to get this knowledge for everyone, here are some of the articles in upcoming magazine.

Every article is going to be a gem in itself but to deliver you this on time, I would request you to subscribe now so we can plan better.

Topics covered in Magazine 2023 – Vol 2

  • The Importance of Dasamasa Lagna – Deepanshu Giri
  • Most Significant Event of a Year with Superimposing Tajika in Lagna Chart – Chandrajit Sinharoy
  • Dreshkan (D3) by Manik
  • Rahu vs Ketu – Neelabh Shivam
  • Soul Desire – Atmakaraka in Navansh – Avtar Biswas
  • Avneet Pal Chhabra – Simple Remedies – Mahavastu
  • Kriti Bhargava – The Magic of Gems
  • Uranus by Manik Pradhan
  • Rahu Ketu – Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • PILES – Astrology – Dr. Pankaj Kr. Brahmania
  • Assignment on Moon’s Nakshatra
  • Tithi by Sri Kala
  • Numerology Article by Samartha Bhargava
  • Monthly Predictions

Topics covered in Magazine 2023 – Vol 1

  • Secrets of Jaimini astrology – Exceptional rules for upapada lagna: Karma of Spouse โ€“ Deepanshu Giri [Editorial]
  • How I make 70% every year in stocks? โ€“ Identifying stocks as per own chart- Mridul Mishra
  • Yantras- A deep dive in to personalised Yantras- Swami Nirdhan ji Maharaj
  • Gayatri Havan โ€“How to add and subtract Syllables to vary the result of Havan- practical examples and experiences- Acharya Neelkanth goswami
  • Space and Time โ€“ Marriage life problems and Solutions via concept of Space and Time-Smt. Nandini Sharma
  • An eye to marriage through mythology dimensions โ€“ Manik Pradhan
  • Some ignored concepts of marraige โ€“ Manik Pradhan
  • Atmakarka and Karma โ€“ Avatar Biswas
  • Role of 7 lord nakshtra and Saturn in marriage โ€“ Ankit Sabharwal
  • Special positions and special results of 7thย lord โ€“ Chandrajeet Sinha Roy
  • Zone of Akashik records โ€“ Garima Chandravanshi
  • Zero consciousness โ€“ Neha Yadav
  • Crystals of holistic health โ€“ Osho Sarv Priya
  • Jupiter transit for every ascendent by Lunar Astro
  • Panchang by Lunar Astro
  • Rituals and remedies for upcoming festivals in Jan, Feb and March by Lunar Astro
  • Monthly prediction by Lunar Astro


The contents of Volume 3 and Volume 4 will be revealed 15 days prior to publication

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