Jaimini Maharishi’S Upadesa Sutras In English By Sanjay Rath



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This book provides a clear transcription of Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutra. Wherever necessary, this will be supported by reference to standard documents. Some of the puzzles that Vedic astrology has encountered so far have been resolved through beautiful illustrations. These include (a) the difference (in actual usage) between the karakas Chara, Sthira and Naisargika (b) the difference between ‘karakamsa’ and ‘swamsa’ and its implications in the chart of pairs twins separated by only 2 minutes, (c ) calculate and use Narayana, (also called Padakrama) Sthira, Shoola, Navamsa; Brahma, Varnada, Manduka, Paryaya (also known as Gochara) Kendradi and Sudasas, (d) use special descendants to decipher and calculate Rajyoga/Dhanyogas timing, (e) predict fellow births for oneself (Arudha lagna) and children of one’s spouse (upapada) ). of Saptamsa, illness due to Kauluka (Shastamsa) of Trimsamsa and death of Rudramsa (f) estimate life expectancy and nature of death. Hitler’s defeat and death due to change of dasa of Paryaya (in Rasi chart) and dasa of Manduka (in Rudramsa) or poverty combination from second to twelfth lord changed to dhanyog (prosperity prosperity and abundance ) due to the lagna of Varnada in the second part The house in Queen Victoria’s painting are some beautiful illustrations that highlight the importance of the Jaimini Sutra. Subtle variations in standard combinations like Shakti yoga creating a saint (Sri Ramakrishana Paramhansa) or Antichrist (Adolf Hitler) as well as the evil obstruction of Cancer (God’s sign) are the secrets protected details of Vedic astrology are revealed. first time.


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