Catechism of Astrology



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Students who need to pull information from multiple books to get the big picture are in for a pleasant surprise. This astrology book is a must-have for all students and comprehensively covers all aspects of basic astrology. It explains in detail the steps to create a horoscope and Ashtakavarga chart. The Practical Vedic astrology book also details the characteristics of each planet, its influence in different signs and houses, and in combination with other planets. There are also chapters on specific topics such as career, children, international travel, and medical astrology, as well as detailed explanations of Shodasvargas and his chart readings, in addition to the logistics of dasha interpretation. Masu. This book provides easy reference in interpreting the planetary elements, their Moltrikona constellations, the meanings of odd and even constellations, the constellations and their rulers, as well as gemology and the deities corresponding to the various planets. Also includes pre-made diagrams.ย 


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