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Additional Features in Bhrigu Software 2.0 in the Updated Version:

1 – Additional Dashas such as Mandook Dasha, Navansh Dasha, Dig Dasha
2 – Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Special Stars, and Chakras such as Latta Chakra
3 – Argala (Primary and Secondary) , Aroodhas of Houses and Planets
4 – Nadika (From Muhurat Chintamani)

Features that are not available in any other software –
1 – Bhrigu Progression (From Bhrigu Sutram) of each planet
2 – Vedic Progression in the Rashi as well as the Navansh Chart
3 – Lal Kitab Varshphal, Lal Kitab Cycle(Dasha)
4 – Kaal Chakra Dasha with KCD ayansh , Bhrigu Naisargik Dasha, Planetary Code, Blank Chart Dasha, Bhrigu Ashtottari Dasha
5- Lunar Hora Chart to check the Wealth
6- Astrodatabank for research purposes of over 29 Thousand Charts

Instruction for installation –

Language Available – Hindi and English Only


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Important Features of Lunar Astro Bhrigu Software

  1. Inbuilt database for research- Now while doing research on any topic you can access 27000 charts which are categorized on various means- you can search from Nobel prize winners to great leadersโ€™ chart and import to your personal directory.
  2. Bhrighu Progression- Only software with Bhrighu Plutonic transit such as transit of Sun in one rasi is 1 year 7 months to calculate Bhrighu Progression charts.
  3. Vedic Progression- Calculation of Dasa lord in 12 houses and also in navansh to time good and bad periods of dasa events.
  4. Bhrighu Ashottari dasa- This is one of the rare dasaโ€™s used by Bhrighu astrologers.
  5. Kaal chakra dasa with KCD ayansh to give perfect results on time.
  6. Modified Yogini dasa -In which Mangla is rules by Mars and so on.
  7. Updated Lunar hora chart to see family, finance and money in chart.
  8. Blank chart Dasa- House based- to time events on blank chart using house only.
  9. Blank chart dasa- Rasi based- to time events on blank chart using rasi only.
  10. Lal kitab Varshphal and 35 yr dasa cycle.
  11. Tajik Varshphal with calculations.
  12. Accurate calculations of Shadbal, ashtakvarga and planetary strength.
  13. Jaimini Sutram calculations as per original text of Neelkantha with options to use conditional and Traditional calculations.
  14. Several other dasas-Vimhottari, Naisargik ,chara for more interpretations.

This software is compatible with WINDOWS Only

No mobile app is available yet

Astro Data Bank is mobile-compatible.


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14 reviews for BHRIGU SOFTWARE 2.0

  1. Lunar Astro

  2. Haritha (verified owner)

    Thank you to the team of lunar Astro, wonderful work Vikas. The team is very supportive and responds timely. Looking forward for more learning and progress.

  3. User Avatar

    mjshrivastava (verified owner)

    it a versatile tool for astrologers of different backgrounds. Overall, Bhrigu software is a highly recommended tool for professional astrologers and for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of astrology

  4. User Avatar

    mjshrivastava (verified owner)

    Overall Great Software and it’s user interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with various charts, tables and interpretations available for an in-depth analysis of the birth chart.

  5. Ganpati (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to navigate the Bhrigu software. The user interface is intuitive and the software does a great job of providing a wide range of charts and interpretations for an in-depth analysis of the birth chart. I highly recommend this software for both professional astrologers and students of astrology.

  6. Ken (verified owner)

    I love how Bhrigu software is not only incredibly accurate, but also very handy. The software can be accessed easily on my phone or computer, making it super convenient to use at any time and place.

  7. Balaji (verified owner)

    I am not a astrology expert, but Bhrigu software made me an expert in this field. Its simple UI makes it easy to use and its predictions are very accurate, I highly recommend this software to anyone who is into astrology.

  8. User Avatar

    Pavani (verified owner)

    nice software

  9. Dr.jaishree (verified owner)

    The predictions are spot on, and I have never been disappointed

  10. Shheila (verified owner)

    Yes sir its absolutely fantastic. Its just that iam waiting for my predictive astrology part 2 course to buy so that i can use the software more accurately as you have taught lot many techniques in Happiness series i have heard.

  11. User Avatar

    Abhishek Grover (verified owner)

    Bhrigu panal is so amazing and exciting. The bhrigu yearly cycles are so easy in this software and saves lot of time. Dasha progression is excellent tool and helps in predicting. KCD dasha calculation has some minnor error i believe. Overall this software has so many features for everyone, must have for every astrology. Thanks lunarastro for this great product.

  12. Prince (verified owner)

    It’s good software overall, especially the Bhrigu part and the Research part of it. A lot many good changes have come up in version 2 of this Software. The extensive calculative part of Bhrigu Jyotish and the Research section are really appreciated. This is where I think it outperforms other astrology software. Here I would like to mention three things, a correction (a bug) and two suggestions at this moment. The correction (a bug) is that in the ‘House Cusp’ selection, the KP(Placidus) does not work, I only get to see ‘Shri Pati(Propphyrius) in the chart despite selecting KP(Placidus). In the suggestion part please add house cusp detail of degrees and Nakshatras. And in the Research section kindly give the option to do searching of locally saved charts(data) for research purposes (very important), as these are the charts of people known to us and these charts can be more closely analyzed for better research. Looking forward to seeing all these inclusions and changes in your next version of Bhrigu Software. I do recommend this Bhrigu Software as a must-have for all.

  13. Mehak Beri (verified owner)

    Great Software! Even better Database (must for conducting any sort of research) The Software offers many features which are unheard of in a jyotish software. Though, a small request would be if someone can help with how to use the software to its full capability. This is where I think we are lacking. A small training on it would be awesome. Wouldn’t even mind if Sir wanna take a case encompassing the software – it would be golden!! Thank you to Deepanshu Sir & Lunar Astro Team for all the efforts they have put in for the software!!

  14. Vibha (verified owner)

    Overall great software.

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