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Important Features of Lunar Astro Bhrigu Software

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1. Inbuilt database for research- Now while doing research on any topic you can access 27000 charts which are categorized on various means- you can search from Nobel prize winners to great leadersโ€™ chart and import to your personal directory.

2. Bhrighu Progression- Only software with Bhrighu Plutonic transit such as transit of Sun in one rasi is 1 year 7 months to calculate Bhrighu Progression charts.

3. Vedic Progression- Calculation of Dasa lord in 12 houses and also in navansh to time good and bad periods of dasa events.

4. Bhrighu Ashottari dasa- This is one of the rare dasaโ€™s used by Bhrighu astrologers.

5. Kaal chakra dasa with KCD ayansh to give perfect results on time.

6. Modified Yogini dasa -In which Mangla is rules by Mars and so on.

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This software is compatible with WINDOWS Only

No mobile app is available yet

Astro Data Bank is mobile compatible.

How to get Authentication Key and User ID?
Please login to and click on MY ORDERS
Or click – to get the license key and user id.

How to generate license Key?
Click on the following link to generate license key using your authentication key and user id.

How to Install the software and activate?
Click on the following link to watch the instructions videos


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2 reviews for Bhrigu Software

  1. Lunar Astro

  2. Haritha (verified owner)

    Thank you to the team of lunar Astro, wonderful work Vikas. The team is very supportive and responds timely. Looking forward for more learning and progress.

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