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The goal of the Atmakarka book is to realize oneโ€™s soul, which arises from the connection of past life and this can be achieved through keeping track of oneโ€™s activities, work, speech, and mind at all times. I hope you will be able to take some lessons from it and try to implement them throughout your life.


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This is my honest attempt from several readings and experiences I used to understand the complexities of Maharishi Jaimini. This book will serve several students of Jyotish to apply the time tested principles as explained by Maharishi Parashar and Jaimini. However, over a period of time there are several variations introduced in Jaimini Sutram but I will stick to the classic of Jyotish Siddhant Saar and use the simple methods to make predictions. A special emphasis for the first time in the book has been given to retrograde planets and Char Karkas of Jaimini as they hold a very special significance while making predictions. This book will also guide you through the ups and downs of exalted and debilitated planets and how they behave in different dashas. So, let us start this journey in to the world of Jaimini Sutram and see what Maharishi Jaimini has in store for us and how various principles of Jyotish can become light beacons for us to guide us through the good and bad portions of life as when you can clearly iii see what has to happen – you can plan better and also remedies become very specific in the chart. A lot has been discussed about retrograde motion of planets in the classical text and also various dictums suggest that these planets acquire some sort of special activity in mundane as well as personal life and special consideration to be given to these planets.


– Deepanshu Giri


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