Yantra Drawing book [paperback]

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The Yantra drawing book consists of the first 9 Gayatri Yantra multiplied by 108 times to be painted by colours. Each yantra is believed to represent one of the syllables of the mantra and is considered to embody the power and energy of that syllable.

A panchang diary for the year 2023 is free with this course. 

The Yantra Drawing Book and Panchang Diary are free with the course ESSENTIAL OF ASTROLOGY!


*To be delivered in INDIA only – If you purchase with any other address than India, you will be provided e book only and there will be no refund.

2 reviews for Yantra Drawing book [paperback]

  1. Raj Nidhi . (verified owner)

    Hope to experience the yantra benefits at its fullest.
    Totally trust lunar astro.

  2. User Avatar

    radhanary (verified owner)

    Just received this beautiful book. had a doubt.It says hang large picture of yantra post completion.Some yantras of big size,next page have another yantra so how to proceed in such cases?Thank you.

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