Venus & Violence

As the land of the culture of spirituality India is- The country where especially days are allocated to pray to female deities in such a country we have to hear the news of rape and horrible violence against women that makes us wonder whether even these news belongs to human or beast as even animals are more considerate towards others animals.

Have you ever thought why we dress up every morning or why only adverts on tv are of personal grooming/food/makeup creams- it is all because of the basic human desire that we all want to look good- 90% of the people work hard for money, power -all because that we want to look good to the opposite gender.

If you would have ever lived or worked in an environment with no women in it – you will realize there is absolutely no beauty and order in that environment and feeling of living in a primitive world with modern tools- I am telling you this from personal experience and observation- I studied in Electrical engineering- for 1 year we were in the same block with Mechanical guys and there was all-male including teachers in both departments and let me paint you a picture. The block was separated from the main building and had separate entrance gate – The college was on several acres and these two blocks were separated from everything and the result was that you will see guys attending class in pajamas, big beards -It was almost like set from flintstones.

So after 2 years Electrical was shifted to nearby IT engineering and Fabric Design department and now there was a balance of power as both departments had majority girls, suddenly a big change I saw in the class atmosphere- The guy who had a beard till knees suddenly started grooming himself and he knew that scissors are invented a long time back and barbers exist even one day he was complaining about -that why we haven’t got spa and body polishing treatment nearby college, The person who had worn only 2 shirts back to back and same jeans from last 2 years -somehow he got a wardrobe, but what changed- Why only due to presence of female these people got their shit together as now they are concerned that someone will look at them. We all dress up and behave like humans only due to females- If you think that is not true-Let me take you another Place -Ship.

I worked offshore where the crew was all men worked and this is over 27 countries I am telling you and moreover picture offshore is similar to the one below- There is a work schedule and everyone has a task to perform -You will see people covered in grease and oil working hard to make sure there is 0 downtime as every day there is a progress report to be sent.

When ship comes in channel which is like service road in ocean to come to port -which means in next 2-3 hours we will on shore- suddenly people start shaving and by the time it is on port -There will be people you can’t recognize because you have not seen them earlier on ship- You will realize it is same greasy guys now are cleaned up as now they have to go to bar to meet women.

Only women can bring art, culture, and peace to society -If you think who preserves your culture and religion -remember as a male it is not in our genetics to follow the cultural guidelines, and add the feminine touch-we all will eventually turn in to Electrical batch in the outside block but It is only your Sister, Wife, Mother who preserves the culture and remind you to live with art and beauty- It is only women who teach a kid about family tradition and raise kids in a beautiful manner.

Even wild west of US was developed when women like Madam Millie and Madam Laura Evans helped so many workers and turn the work site in to town by opening schools, churches and other ameneties.

It is only women where hormones are balanced as in the male body there is an extra hormone which makes male imbalanced in nature and a human which is imbalanced in himself can’t bring peace to society but as great as women are and everyone knows it represents your wealth, family life, luxury and comforts in life- but still, it is 70-80% of internet traffic is porn and people are interested to see other people doing sex, Porn is something which changes your brain structure by giving you visuals and then making you addicted to it – In the world where even water costs you money- How can you have porn for free? Who is paying for this and why? think about it – If you are watching porn – you are the one responsible for human trafficking -child abductions and human slavery.

If you are going to waste your sperm and disrespect women by watching porn -There is no remedy to get rich as you leave planets aside – you are continuously making sure that you get married life problems- you have problems related to wealth and finally spend a lot of money on medicines, To get anything in any country there is paperwork but to watch people nude -it’s streaming 24/7 – A government which sends you to notice for every small thing and notice every action- Do you think the government does not know about this? They do all around the world but they sit with close eyes and let your 16 yr old watch that image to destroy him inside out.

They are teaching physical violence’s and let your 16 yr old think about it -they are teaching it is ok to downgrade women and see them as an object.

Venus is exalted in sign of Pisces – The sign of leaving – Sattvic -Brahmin sign where you give out yourself to others -as to love something you appreciate and love and dedicate yourself- when you love something- You don’t destroy or get in to physical violence -Instead you protect like a mother does for a kid or spouse does for each other- They love each other by living together and take care of every small need one have out of love, if your marriage is only based on each other appearance and body -It is not going to last longer as you will never appreciate the qualities of your spouse.

It really feels good to criticize others -hit others – do violence as violence is not only physical -but also verbal, natives who have Venus in a bad position they are very good to fight, criticize people and make sure they win in an argument -which is very good but later on, all this will come back to make them poor in life and very bad family life and suffering to kids- Every single action you do has a reaction- nature stores it and make sure you get the result- How you think what you said to your office colleague to criticize him in front of everyone ? or to prepare a bad report against him How it is going to affect you?

But it does feel good when a coworker writes an email against manger and cc all in a very aggressive way as animals like to see conflicts, so if you are enjoying by conflicts/fights/violence- you are nothing more than a 2 legged animal- who can shit anywhere in public.

A human body which when burnt turns in to 20gm ash -if you remove the skin – you don’t even want to see it -so all this attraction due to skin color or facial feature on which you want to waste the most refined part of your body -Sperm.

A country where people fast for 9 days for Devi -has the highest number of abortions rate which is even illegal- How can that be possible. Abortions where the cut the alive child in the womb -piece by piece -and then take him out – How can these people achieve peace in life when you have killed a living human being who was about to come on this earth on your invitation. No amount of fasting or Devi sadhana is going to help you- none of the remedies are going to work. Lord Rahu in his dasha/antar will make sure you are dragged on the road for this.

If you really want to get rich in life -you need to leave violence weather it is physical, verbal or mental – You need to get a clean head to make sure you have the purity of Venus – If you practice it and you don’t get rich- If you don’t get your income doubled in 1 year-Please come back and write to me – That this remedy does not work.

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  1. Because in male dominated society male members can’t tolerate the intelligence, perfection and other qualifications of female .
    Some qualities have copy right for women folks. Male members want to have those in their mothers, sisters and daughters but they themselves don’t need them. They feel they have upper hand on female counterparts because of their earning quality. There male ego drag them backwards when time comes to respect and appreciate the women.

    I think I am able to explain my point of view.

  2. Pranam sir. There are specific combinations like rahu in 4th which make people addicted to adult films, irrespective of how hard they try. Can you please give some remedy for that?

  3. दीपांशु सर, हम सबको अमीर बनना है, उसके लिए हम लक्ष्मी जी की पूजा करते है, लेकिन हम अपने घर में महिलाओं की कदर नहीं करते, और हम्हे बस लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति करनी। अपने सही लिखा अगर हम सबसे पहले महिलाओं को सम्मान दें, अपने मन के विचारो को शुद्ध करे, वो सबसे बड़ी बात है। अपनें ये पोस्ट लिख इससे बहुत लोगों को समझ आयेगा, और बदलगे।

  4. Very well said. One side people pray to Devi since many centuries at same time mankind have done worst things to them. And this is not new, torture to women in different ways have done since Ram and krishna’s time or even before when Indira went to devi Ahalya. We have many stories that women was seen as lust object. Eventhough in those punishment were given still man will not change their thoughts about women.

  5. Such amazing write-up sir. If I ever become an astrologer I want to be like you and Kn rao sir. Thank you sir this inspires me, lights up the fire within and gives strength to work and do right and respect the women in our society and home. Very Very good article.

  6. What a wonderfully written post sir! I can related to this having studied mechanical engineering with almost no girls in the classroom to studying management wherein I can see the changes in my pictures and my overall growth in personality and thought process. Women are Venus because they bring purification into our lives which is as necessary when it comes to being a graceful human being in general. Because, when you look good, you think good, when you think good, you do good.

  7. Sir quitting porn can be done. You talked about wasting sperm? Somehow you are tempted to waste it. Any tip on how to continue the no fap chain. Because I have tried nofap. But could never cross 3 month nofap limit. How could we be on nofap till we get married?

    1. Pray to lord hanuman and lord shiv before starting no fap do pranayam in morning and meditation after waking up and b4 sleeping. Initially it might be hard but ul get over it but do pray to hanumanji and bholenath everyday and b4 starting also

  8. Thank you for voicing out sir! The least we can do is speak up and curb such small way which can be a big way to work towards to end it…

  9. Very beautifully explained on such a crucial topic. I wish you come up with more such issues of our society which really matters to our new generations.

  10. Brilliantly written article with passion, emotion and examples!It is indeed the woman (prakruti) that entices man (purusha) to a whole new dimension of his fullness…to care , share and participate in the leela of life.when the man treats women in his life like Devi he himself opens up to the realization that he is Dev.

  11. Soo true … blessed to have u as my guru🙏 Ur virtual presence has brought me so much light .. I bow down to u .. Hare krishna 🙏

  12. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Wonderful Deepanshu ji. At soul level all are equal because the original source of this creation is One without any discrimination. We cannot find 100% sannyasis in any country or anywhere. It is impossible.

    The beauty of Lord Siva is known when Ma Parvati sit beside him. If there is perfect balance of energies of both male and female the beauty of union of Prakruthi and Purusha will be known. If anyone is silent there will be imbalance.

    Precisely say, your hint is follow the qualities of exalted Venus but not debilitated Venus. Without Prakruthi Purusha may remain single. Prakruthi is composition of five elements ie akash, vayu, tejas, apus, prudvi. If there is any imbalance within these five elements beauty of Nature or Prakruthi will be destroyed.

    So the people with such imbalance have to follow remedial measures ie the cause for destructive moods is due to fire ie Mars, to have peaceful life both Mars and Venus have to be balanced ie male and female energies ie food habits also to be changed. So think about exalted Venus and Mars. Then the mind will have exalted Moon and exalted Jupiter. Strong Sattwic nature.

    In 2020 Covid taught many lessons to all. Those who sufferred are suggested to heal on your own from this Navaratri onwards. Remember for peaceful marital life there must be perfect balance between Mars and Venus.

    At highest level of meditation due to divinity within or due to divine energy within mere presence of husband and wife is sufficient, if they are capable to immerse in self, sexual desires will be curtailed.

    If Prakruthi merged in Purusha, Purusha alone will remain, essence of Advaita is also the same. If individual Atman merges in Brahman or Avyakta Brahman, Avyakta Brahman alone will remain. Samisti becomes vyasti. This immersion leads to Brahmananda. This is the state of understanding ‘Sat Chit Ananda’. After death getting moksha.

    If both husband and wife are capable to immerse within in the presence of each other, you need not think further about Advaita, in reality you are experiencing the essence of Advaita, then you can understand the method and importance of selection of spiritual life companion. Here sexual desires will be minimised. Yet bliss within will be immense. Grihastas are also eligible to attain salvation. No need of Sannyasa for all except for the chosen ones since childhood. We have to understand the role of brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprasta, sannyasa. Each one had their own ashrama dharmas, should not imitate others. If one imitates then life will be spoiled.

    This is the beauty of merging of Prakruthi, Purusha, male, female, Atman and Avyakta Brahman. What Deepanshu ji wants to convey. Astrologically says, think about all exalted Venus, Mars, Moon and Jupiter.

    Strong mind, Sattwic nature, balanced male and female energies capable to immerse within.

    Warmhearted Navaratri wishes to all of you. Wish Ma Parvati will show the right path and wish those who remain single will be settled in marital life peacefully in future. Ma Parvati bless us all.

  13. It is always intresting watching your youtube post. Thanks for sharing knowledge and making every one aware of their surroundings.
    All planets are around us in daily life we do not have to run temple to improve any of them.
    Venus is female and venus is luxuries,prosperity and wealth. If you need that, one has to respect female.
    Like wise if you wish to improve your jupiter you should respect old people.
    Chandra is mother. Respect your mother chandra will improve
    Surya is father. Pay respect to your father.
    Mercury is younger siblings and children. Your aunty and uncle.
    Jupiter is teacher and old people.
    Venus is female.
    Saturn is workers or labour class.

    Can you please tell me Mars represent by whom? Is it elder brother or siblings? Can you tell me about Rahu dev and Ketu dev?

  14. I bow to you Deepanshu ji for writing this article , every word written in this is true, and it is the most logical remedy to do on mental level.

  15. Namaskar Dipanshu ji kya kahoon shabd nahi hain , emotional feel ker rahi hoon ,jab jab aapki videos dekhti hoon toh aisa lagta hai ki bahut kuch positive ho raha hai abhi bhi aap se jo bacchhe classes le rahe hain bahut khushi hoti hai ki bhartiya sanskriti fir se apna astitva bana legi ,aappne toh jyotish ki asli paribhasha samjha di ,.Aapki is mail ne speechless ker diya bus ek hi dua hai ki jo sudhaar aapne shuru kiya hai aapke students usko itna aage le jayein ki kisi aur taraf dhyan hi na jaye ,aapke mata pita ko mera sau baar naman hai unhi ke diye sanskar hain jo aap sab aur gyan ki roshni faila rahe ho , Thank you.

  16. My mother always said ..jis ghar mein ..aadmi aurat ko rulayega woh kabhi tarraki nahi karta … in english… in the house where man makes a women cry..that house will never prosper ..

  17. Thank you so so much Deepanshu sir for helping me to become better. I understand that being peaceful and satvik nature is important in the long run. But if someone doesn’t join office politics, they will quickly be thrown out. Moreover, how do we differentiate between past life karma vs. Choice we have now? Thank you again sir. I’m beyond blessed to have your guidance.

  18. This was Eye opening for all of us. Such powerful use of words. Thankyou💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍😌😌😌😌

  19. Namaste sir,

    Very beautifully written… their is a sanskrit proverb

    यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता: ||

    Thank you for keep blessing us 🙏🙏🙏

  20. I don’t know sir,I have met the most demeaning and womenizer of a person who treats women very badly passes on snide comments about them and even has a questionable personality but one the other hand u name it he is living a great life with nothing to worry and enjoying life in short…..

  21. अतिसुन्दर बात बताई हे आपने जी । धन्यवाद्
    यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता ।

  22. Deepanshu Sir,
    I do respect women from my childhood and was never involved in violence.. still jobless at the age of 29yrs. Will you help me please? I had contacted you via your website, but may be because of your busy schedule you didn’t respond. Will you please help me?

  23. Couldn’t agree more Deepanshuji It is only understood by few mindful souls connecting the dots with astro placements in each birth based on their karmic past. I have dealt and averted harassment of my female friends, family members by guys in USA, as well as in India. It is universal not just India. With a real culprit press + political parties (mercury/rahu/?) are really to be blamed in any country for selective and manipulating the news.

    Please watch this video on Hatras case – I am willing to bet on this story more than ‘gang-rape’ version sold in most media house.

    There are minors raped in various states by Muslims but same media doesn’t even bother bcuz of Gandhi connection. Do you see corrupt gov’t officials ever getting punished for working against the nation?

    Then coming up with gang rape angle to defame Yogi sarkar as if there are no rapes in congress states. Truth is hard and bitter for anyone to accept. Yogiji ordered Naroc test but if victim is telling truth – they should not have problem.

  24. Sir I tried searching a lot but was unable to find which hormone is an extra in males which imbalances their anger & ego.

  25. Deepanshu Sir I m a bit curious about that people killing innocent people, raping women n killing them what kind of karmic burden they will b born with .

  26. Guruji, you write so true and humble. It just brought teers in my eyes, someone trying to bring respect to feminine energy. I feel it’s so lost these days and even some females have forgotten to respect themselves, may be because of their situations or unawareness. I also feel respect of women should be done not because some one wants to be rich. It should be done if someone wants to evolve, if someone wants to be happy. And they will get true nurturing from them in the form of their mother ,sister, teacher, lover etc.
    High regards to you. Grateful to you for bringing this

  27. Shared deep knowledge in a real clensed n abridged form.. salute Deepanshu gg… Leant. Many things from u.. thanku

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