Yogini Dasha

Timing of Job & Marriage

Recorded Course- This is a recorded course.

One of the Best kept secrets of Yogini dasa is going to be revealed in this course- This course will not only help you in the timing of events but also how to use divisional charts in the timing of events.

Yogini dasa which is to be taught in the course is different in terms of what has been explained till now in all the classics and literature available, so please come with an open mind to learn something out of the box and see the results of the Yogini dasa in your chart.

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Principles of Dasa system – This is independent and can be used in any dasa system.
Timing of Job, Suspension, Change of Career.
Timing of Marriage, Divorce, relationship trouble
Dasa Sequence a person gets in life.
Understanding Asht Yoginis and their impact on life.
Practical application of Yoginis in charts to make predictions.
Timing of Marriage using D-9 Chart
Ups and downs in a career using Rasi and D-10 chart
Predicting good and bad phases of life.
Effects of Retrograde Planets
Combusted Planets Dasa
Dasa of Debilated & Exalted Planets
Vargottam Planets Dasa

No. Of classes- 5 (Will increase if required)

Amount- 15000 INR. (Once we get the required students we will disable links for admission)
Start Date- Basant Panchami-
Course Schedule 1st Batch
14th Feb Havan –
20th Hindi Batch-
21st English Batch

Course Schedule -2nd Batch- Mid March Start

Language- Hindi and English –

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