I consider myself blessed to have Deepanshu sir as my Guru and guide. No matter how much I thank him it will never be enough. He allowed me to take the basics course on Signs and Planets and the course on Nakshatras.

Even though I have been learning Astrology for close to 7 years, however in the basics course I came to know about many subtle points which are often missed and also If I have to be brutally honest I have learnt how to make predictions from Deepanshu Giri.

The course on Nakshatras is from another world. If you have been into this field for sometime you would have noticed there are not a lot of materials on how can one use Nakshatras for making predictions. Every person and every other book which talks about Nakshatras provide stories about Nakshatras. From Deepanshu sir , I have learnt how to make predictions using only Nakshatras and making sense out of the mythological stories behind Nakshatras. This is undoubtedly the best course on astrology available in the market.

Even if you just talk to him for 15 mins and you are conscious of what he is saying you will end up learning a technique of making prediction.


Saurabh Jha

Associate product manager & Astrologer

When I was in India, my niece and nephew quietly came to me and asked me to see their charts. With all your teachings, signs and God’s blessings I did predict quite a bit and then while predicting something I thought it will be totally wrong as I know the person well and it could not have happened. But to my surprise she came back to me and said.. please don’t tell mom.. you are 💯 correct. I was amazed and surprised. I was so stunned.

Every time I sit in your class, it gives me peace and that is the main reason and I enjoy astrology. I write down notes and I feel like I haven’t grasped much. But once I started looking at the charts, it just came and they all turned out to be true.

I have become a popular aunt now 😊

I am indebted to you
Thank you 🙏



Retired IAS

Darshanpreet Manku

I predicted to a girl that her mom is having health problems and also conflict with her siblings at present and she confirmed. Then I predicted that she prayed to God that if she could talk or meet her love interest she would make a donation and take care of her mom. She responded saying the following (screenshots attached) "Yes I have bribed a lot of god. Once after my first relationship in 2012 and last year. Gurudwara that we usually go to, sevadaar of that gurudwara, I financed train tickets. Had planned more gifts for his daughter but relationship broke off.
Prediction of a Student after 10 Classes
I used technique of yesterday lecture I told her "for your child and chair you will not get help from anyone for this you and you have to take responsibility." She started crying and said yes, where I work that is my dad's company and I want to be CEO but Dad told I have to achieve that chair by my own skills, he will not do anything. Second, when I am going to office no one take my child responsibility. In my family, I had to keep one lady to take care of my baby. My first child no tutor ready I have to take his study when I get back from office.
Prediction of a Student after 3 classes