Temples & Purification of Soul- Kashi Vishwanath- Part-1


“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God”

Yes, that’s so true and our ancestors were very well aware of the fact that Ishwar lies everywhere but still, they built several beautiful temples across the country and their Vastu and construction is a miracle and example of the sheer brilliance of knowledge of human endeavors. One of the main purposes of building temples was that when people visit these temples their dosh related to certain planets will get removed. Our sages not only kept the deity in mind but also the geographical importance to balance the body doshas of natives.

A lot of remedial measures suggest visiting various temples to balance the various ailments in the chart due to the vibration of higher energy sources in the temple -As the Garbh grah of the temple is completely dark without lights and there is no ventilation as well so by continuous rhyming and chants the energy which has been built over several thousand years helps natives overcome the doshas which exist in the chart.

Visiting Temples in the right manner can open gates of heaven for you
Forget about chart only- The condition is you do it with faith
A karmic outburst happens in Jyotirlinga

There are certain temples when we visit them, certain incidents start happening with us and these are not normal but are very karmic. Let me take the example of Kashi Vishwanath. This is a temple which marks the beginning of human civilization and is represented by the sign of Sagittarius- Jeev -So at any point of time you have problems to your origin, kids, health and for higher knowledge native should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple but let us suppose some has afflicted sign of Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in it -As Sagittarius is also a sign of war where you have to fight for principles and defend the religion by sacrificing yourself as look at the people who are represented by Sagittarius- Guru and father and both of them sacrifice lot of things for their coming generation. Affliction to this sign with malefic like Mars and Rahu shows native had died defending something in a past life and had physical injuries and that is why in this life as well you will see the physical damage will also come.

In this life also you will see wherever the Sagittarius sign is in the nativeโ€™s chart he has to sacrifice a lot in that house and the same patterns start repeating.

So whenever this native will start his journey towards the Kashi, obstacles will start coming in as he is moving towards the power source of Sagittarius- like physical fights or accidents will be visible or health going down but native should not back down by these obstacles. Secondly whenever you plan a trip for visiting any religious place, Please make sure you maintain your food discipline and during the journey keep your mind in prayers as every step you will move towards the temple, takes away negative karma.

A saint use to say every step you take to go to the ashram of Guru takes away a lot of bad karma from your life so make sure you behave like you are on a spiritual journey rather than placing ear pods and listening to some random music.

This is where everything started- this is where everything will end.
It is only the Shiv who can accept Veerbhadra and make him guilt and sin-free
How can he deny anyone of us-Have faith and bow down in front of Mahakaal?
He is the one who accepts everyone who is not fitted in the normal world of human
The Greatness of Shiv cannot be explained, cannot be written, cannot be described.

Only notice the event which happens to you during the visit and see how it correlates with your chart. Once you reach the temple always sit for some time in and around the temple area, do not eat any tamasic or rajasic food. If possible keep fast on that day you will realize after darshan certain things will happen in life which no one can explain and how different karmic knots start getting opened up with the blessings of Mahakaal. Bhagwan Shiv allows you to clear your debts of past life. As Sagittarius is also a sign of Jeev and malefic shows killing of Jeev in the past life and it is only the land of Kashi where Veerbhadra got free from the curse of killing and got Moksh. The affliction of Sagittarius is not a good indication in the chart. For Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus this sign is naturally in 6/8/12 from Lagna. For all of these ascendants visiting Kashi and stories will be a more prominent one.

The location of the temple is in the center of India. The temperature never goes extremely cold or extremely hot in this region as Jeev has to survive. This also shows this is the place that balances the Vat/Pit/Kaph in the body and any ailment your body is suffering. Even when people are not getting enough support from seniors and fathers they should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple.


  1. Swati Rani
    October 3, 2021

    Its the effect of lord’s blessing only that a seeker meet enlighted soul like you. Grattitude! ๐Ÿ™

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