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Let the Pain Go- Saturn & Mars

August 18, 2021

The same pain which we forgot to resolve comes back and gets carried over to next life and becomes the matter of grief of us as we are ignorant towards Saturn, We think it will be resolved but to solve Saturn we need focus of Mars and ability to bear the pressure of Saturn-and Sat Mars combo helps us solve this issue in this life, So Do not fear this combination.

मंगल और आम के उपाय

August 12, 2021

हनुमान जयंती – जैसे की हनुमान जयंती आ रही है, एक दिलचस्प उपाय है- जो केवल गर्मियों में किया जा सकता है और साथ ही बहुत आसान भी है- उपाय …

Mars-Special aspects and Remedy

June 8, 2021

Let us start with what will happen when Mars is Afflicted in Chart & Why we get afflicted Mars in the chart? As we all know Mars rules natural first and eighth houses of the Zodiac and signifies Life and Death and these both conditions are special in their own way- We get connected to people by blood as a saying goes “Blood is thicker than water” as we are naturally incline towards people with the same family and who belongs to the same land as us but the affliction of Mars is something very different and you will notice this as a pattern in these natives.

Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

June 5, 2021

Moon is the epicentre of your birth chart and Cancer rasi is the powerhouse -The main house where your thoughts get generated- Mars is Krodh – Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer as neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart- That is why disease like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure or head-related issues will come in the picture.

Career & Magnetic Poles.

January 26, 2021

South -Which is represented by Capricorn in chart is a Magnetic pole and when this house is empty and lord is not well placed the native suffers in goals.
Classic says- Native with no planets in 10th house or in Capricorn are not worth looking as planet in Capricorn make sure that the energy of Capricorn -which is Karma is delivered through this particular planet.

Story of Indian Maid & Remedy to bring her back

June 10, 2020

Lal-Kitab is mainly seen as a remedial book to solve problems of life as Lal-kitab states in starting -This is a book to cross you ocean of the world and that is why it is also termed book of totkas but if you concentrate and try to read between lines, the meanings are much deeper but having said that, there are different issues of your life such as marriage, Job transfers which you can overcome by doing simple remedies, Most of these remedies will give result in specific time period, but will remedy work in all cases ? No