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Pitra Dosh Remedies

September 19, 2021

When people get Mercury in this house this clearly shows -that pitra are directly related to you
as Mercury is business transaction and when some transaction is still left between you and your pitars -people are born with 12th house Mercury.

Shunya -Shree Ganesh

September 8, 2021

So whatever we will start during this time period we will be able to sow the fruits of that karma easily as universe is ready for conception. Ketu is the planet which creates the blockage and the reason of blockage is when negligence of inner soul- When we neglect someone in past life -that part becomes occupied by Ketu such as – Libra Ketu- native will ignore relationships and business and this is what becomes the challenge in this life as well- Leo Ketu- Native would have ignored kids and this life native face problems related to kids and stability in life.

Krishna-Experience the Maharaas

August 29, 2021

Krishna is the only one who can experience you Maharaas-the ras the which gives the feeling of bliss &
contentment- Imagine the feeling of happiness -Maharaas is the ultimate satisfaction a human can get in life- Let us get one more step ahead to make sure you feel the some portion of Maharaas in your body while reading the article.

Let the Pain Go- Saturn & Mars

August 18, 2021

The same pain which we forgot to resolve comes back and gets carried over to next life and becomes the matter of grief of us as we are ignorant towards Saturn, We think it will be resolved but to solve Saturn we need focus of Mars and ability to bear the pressure of Saturn-and Sat Mars combo helps us solve this issue in this life, So Do not fear this combination.

उपाय और गलतियां

August 12, 2021

जब भी मैं विभिन्न प्लेटफार्मों पर उपाय लिखता हूं तो हमेशा सवाल और माफी होती है कि मैं यह उपाय करना चाहता था लेकिन कुछ गलती हो गई- क्या मैंने …

रत्न और ज्योतिष

August 12, 2021

मानव शरीर जो भगवान की इतनी अद्भुत रचना है वह बहुत रहस्यवादी है और वही हमारे पूर्वज थे जिन्होंने ज्योतिष में विभिन्न उपचारात्मक उपाय लिखे थे- उनमें से एक“रत्न” है, …

मंगल और आम के उपाय

August 12, 2021

हनुमान जयंती – जैसे की हनुमान जयंती आ रही है, एक दिलचस्प उपाय है- जो केवल गर्मियों में किया जा सकता है और साथ ही बहुत आसान भी है- उपाय …

अक्षय तृतीया और धन

August 7, 2021

शुक्ल तृतीया को अक्षय तीज मनाई जाती है- इस विशेष तिथि पर पूर्व में भी कई घटनाएं घट चुकी हैं, आइए हम उन्हें देखें और आप देखेंगे कि सभी घटनाएं …

मंगल-विशेष पहलू और उपाय

August 6, 2021

आइए शुरू करते हैं कि चार्ट में मंगल के पीड़ित होने पर क्या होगा और चार्ट में हमें पीड़ित मंगल क्यों मिलता है? जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं कि …

पिछले जीवन की यादें

August 1, 2021

जैसा कि हम भविष्य कहनेवाला ज्योतिष पाठ्यक्रम की हैप्पीनेस श्रृंखला में ग्रह के पैटर्न और उनके पीछे के कारण को सीख रहे हैं – यह वर्ग कुंडली को भी समझने …

Mars-Special aspects and Remedy

June 8, 2021

Let us start with what will happen when Mars is Afflicted in Chart & Why we get afflicted Mars in the chart? As we all know Mars rules natural first and eighth houses of the Zodiac and signifies Life and Death and these both conditions are special in their own way- We get connected to people by blood as a saying goes “Blood is thicker than water” as we are naturally incline towards people with the same family and who belongs to the same land as us but the affliction of Mars is something very different and you will notice this as a pattern in these natives.

Remedy & Mistakes

April 16, 2021

To Hanumanji- He made fun that now a monkey talks like a Brahmin to give me advice and gave complex about looks and that he is standing in front of Mahapandit Ravan to which Hanumanji Confronted- that I cleared sea to meet Sita and you Mahapandit Ravan was not able to cross a line drawn by an arrow and now talks about his bravery.

Karma & 7th house

December 19, 2020

A classical remedy is to offer sword in temple for Rahu in 7th – understand the meaning behind it rather than giving out a sword – A sword is given in temple to take blessing before going on War but in today’s world and this native with Rahu in 7th has to fought war for these people to get rid of the debt