Lal Kitab & Grammar -How to Understand?

As you will progress in Lal kitab -the most difficult part of lal kitab is grammar as it is the most difficult to understand and being a book ruled by Scorpio, you can’t really expect much from both of the planets to write in a systematically like Mercury.

As both planets Mars and Ketu belongs to army and as a rule of Army -all communications are to be done in encrpyted format as in case of leak of information no one else can understand the real meaning of the message.

When i started writing this blog -a lot of people messaged me offering their help as their are several spelling and grammatical mistakes in blog- I respect their willingness to help but this blog is suppose to be with all the mistakes and bad grammar as this is a blog of Lal-Kitab.

When reading lal -Kitab -do not look for grammar like we read in Hindi or English as these are poetic verses of farsi and will not make sense until and unless you read in Scorpion style ( I will come to this later on).

Most of the people have difficulty reading and understanding lal-kitab as their brain is looking for sequence and sentence structure but it is not followed anywhere in lal kitab so lot of people read and finally their brain gives up, So what is the correct way to read Lal-Kitab as i said Scorpion Style?

Scorpio being a destructive sign and sign of emergencies, So wherever Scorpio is in your chart -you tend to read ONLY KEYWORDS and try to see pattern as you have to solve things quickly and efficiently, Such as initial part of my Job was a troubleshooter to fly to different underwater systems and get them back running in least amount of time at that point -If i ever had to read a manual -I use to Squint my eyes and search for keywords related to problem i am dealing with to save time as that is how a Scorpio reads.

Let us suppose you have Scorpion Saturn(Like me) -So this rule will apply to your professional area this is how you will read , If you have Mercury in scorpio then it will apply overall that is the way you read and write, If you have Venus in Scorpio -then all text you will read will be only keywords and that is why relations get strained.

What happens when you have to break a pattern?

Like we all have played several games in our life where we have to identify a pattern or see what is hidden in plain sight-how we do it? BY SQUINTING OUR EYES so we can see a bigger picture and will be able to see what is not visible with broad eyes.

Squinty eyes are mark of Ketu as by squinting your eyes you can limit the light entering in to eyes and blur the whole picture to see if any pattern emerges.

It is similar in lal Kitab- Do look for sentence structure -look for a bigger overall picture and you will realize how brilliant this book has been written for any one who can really want to see the world in different manner.

Mercury and Mars signs are always 6/8 to each other, so if you are good in communication maintaining circle of friends and you can’t live in isolation even before you start reading this book- limit your circle and start getting isolated as critical information is never passed on to anyone who has a good friend circle.

Here is a video on how to really understand ketu.

Lal-Kitab and Room 206-Should you Learn Lal-Kitab

Since i launched the website- I got numerous queries on “Should i learn Lal-Kitab?” & “Which version of Lal-Kitab to buy?”

In earlier two post i explained that this book strongly belongs to sign of Scorpio and i received several emails and messages after this regarding nimits different people got and how good or bad the nimits were, One of the intresting nimits happened with one of my Studnets- Last night he asked me which version of Lal-Kitab to buy ?

I told him to watch nimits as he is going to get nimits even before book arrives-I told him to get one by Pandit Veni Madhav Goswami- Click here for Amazon link as i heard this is a good version and written neatly however- I have one written by Pandit Umesh Sharma Ji- As i personally met at his home and i was biased towards this book– Click here for the link but i also started from Pandit Krishna Ashant book which i have listed below.

So coming back to our story- He ordeded this book on 02/06/2020 and on morning of 03/06-his pg requested him to shift to new room -206 (Total =8 -Scorpio) as they said this new room is bigger and nicer and will be more comfortable for him.

What is more intresting in his chart is – he is Saggi ascendant with Mars in 4th and Ketu in 9th -This has promted him to change of place the moment he ordered the book.

The next step will come from some more events with father and Guru getting recognition as Sun is in Lagna which is dispositor of Ketu.

If you are just starting with lal-Kitab and no exposition to background and history of this book then i recomenned to read this one first.

Lal Kitab-English by Pandit Krishna AshantClick here for the book

Lal Kitab-Hindi by Pandit Krishna Ashant-Click here for the book

Please look for nimits when you order and cancel if you don’t like the energy as these are the indications that this book is not made for you.

I hope your queries and questions regarding version of Lal-Kitab has been answered, Reblog & share using the scoial media buttons below.

My Experiences with Lal-Kitab

As i heard from several knowns and unknowns-This book is written by Souls.
“रूहो ने लिखी किस्मत की किताब”- Before you rush to book store near you to get this book-Please read complete article as may be you will change your mind.

This book has a very strong energy as any occult book whenever you will buy and start reading it -Eventually you will get affected by the energy of that book as i always use to feel when reading Bhrighu Jyotish- I get really proudy and with Lal-Kitab -I had a relation of several years and off and on several times. and it goes way back to 2003- when my private tutor for maths was learning lal-kitab and use to tell me about it.

In May 2020- One Morning after daily rituals I opened this book and touched to my head -praying that either give me nimits to continue with you or i should leave reading lal-kitab completely as i really want to understand you, with this emotional note,I started reading this book and same night i recevied an email from my studnet.

Title of the email was -lalkitab domain name – He said he has a domain name of and after listenting to course of predictive astrology-He want to gift it to me- He is holding this domain from last several years and several astrologers were after him for this domain name but he never sold it and today he felt it has to be given to me, i was stunned with the nimit of this book, Apart from this i got so many significations related to Mars and Ketu that i got cleanr that i should go ahead with full flow in decoding this book and make sure this book gets its place in Jyotish what it deserves.

The planet which governes this book is Mars and Ketu-This is a Scorpio book and is capable to transfrom life completely but when dealing with energy of Scorpio -one has to be very careful – Even in Ravan Samhita progression my Scorpio is active when i started working on Lal-kitab seriously in 2020.

This book has several stories where it created problems related to land and brothers and disturbed married life as this book has a energy which no one has really understood, I really feel sorry for anyone who felt this is a book for remedial measure or to make money by using this book as so much and so quickly will come back to them and Ketu being a karka for kids get affected. Please do not read remedies and give them to clients without understanding them.

There are several stories of people trying to learn Lal-Kitab and their whole life got upside down in the process-Any publication which has published this book has either caught fire or got closed due to some mishap, There is a wonderful redbook sutras written by B.D Dhanwantri Ji from Ghaziabad- The press caught fire and none of his books are available in market- I have got a copy of only one book from friend and it clearly shows the content written by B.D dhanwantri Ji was a wonderful content and out of 10 only 1 book is available till now.

One of the other friends tried to scan the book and scanner went bad, There is another story of a person who brought red book at home and his family life got disturbed after it, If you have any intention to learn lal-kitab -Please ask for nimit from the book-see if the book allows you to learn otherwise let it go- as this book is not meant for you and you should try any other branch of astrology.Such as Jaimini is Gemini sign -Ketu.

This is not an ordinary book but something very coded and special as this is a book of Pending karma- A lot of astrologers have labelled it as a remedial book but each remedy in this book has a very deeper significance -We can’t follow literal meaning of any remedy given such as Saturn in 5th house the native should not build his house as in several post I will give explainanition and how you can predict using a single line in Lal-Kitab and solve problems which exist in family from several generations.

This can be something simple written as -“मुर्दे का फूल -बुध  8वे  घर में” -Mercury in 8th house termed as flower for dead but this has a very deep meaning and solve problems of several generations.

As this book was written by souls so they have a explained one planet and then leave it to the intelligent reader to figure out rest of the planets and solve their problems of 8th house.

I will write different examples and decoded version of remedies on this blog- Keep Learning.