Why you want to Learn Jyotish ?

For any action there has to be a motive behind it – It can be small- big, personal but there has to be motive as although Vasudev says in Geeta of nishkam karam– To not desire of fruits of your actions and I agree there are few things in life which are beyond profit and loss and you do it for the bigger goals.

Any type of action will have one of four motives and Jyotish is Same, this is from one of the articles of Shri K.N Rao – interpreted in different words.

1) Seeking Relief- This is the lowest category as when we get in trouble -we go to an astrologer and seek for any kind of remedy so the problem can go away- This is the lowest category as like an animal knows where to go at the time of crisis – That is how humans behave in time of crisis and slowly they know enough astrology to solve most of problems as they have visited n number of astrologers.

2) Making money- This is 2nd category when people like to make money and that is why they want to learn this science, they know their tools, weather it be transit or marriage date or Job date- They do a fairly good job- You will find good, bad, ugly all of them in this section as some of them really want to make money by fooling clients.

3) Learning Astrology- To discover something new as a curiosity of Mrighshira to enter a new domain and slowly they start to enjoy the new knowledge and they are hungry for it and will learn it seriously without thinking of profit and loss, just for the love of Jyotish.

4) To find themselves and give something in field of astrology-They work day and night like a mad person -cry, laugh and go through emotional turmoil to solve the puzzle and make everyday every minute of the life count for them life is small as they know what they are up against can’t be crossed until and unless Maa sarswati really bless them.

I have seen people going from Level-1 to 4 and vice versa.

My request to you all is when you feel like doing anything like a leg pulling in field of astrology as I see it as a trend to join fb/whatsapp astrology groups bashing each other – Sit down alone and think why you left everything and choose Jyotish, What was the reason you gave up everything for Jyotish.

Make your goal higher to give something new to the world of Jyotish- as if you will not then nature will choose someone else as an medium to get it done- Rather than reading a negative toxic comments – Concentrate on how you can do better and learn something new, As everyone has a work assigned by nature – Do not let nature assign you work of making others feel small.

So be clear in the goal of learning Jyotish- its not for friends, family or yourself- It for something far bigger – As if you are doing gayatri jaap -you would have understood by now- The power of Gayatri. You would have got those flashes of insights to give you goosebumps.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse-Troubled times

I will write carefully but try to read between these lines in the article, there is lot of advice for everyone of you and a brilliant technique of predicting future outcomes as well.

There are few principles of eclipse and some of them have reptetive patterns -such as 2 eclipse in 14 days will result in war and in 1999 during the time of kargil we have already seen that happening,

In the year when Mercury is varshesh -Army is going to suffer badly and moreover it will start on two ends- The first eclipse which is a lunar eclipse happening on 5th June 2020 will happen in Jyestha Nakshatra -which signifies king and government and affliction to this nakshatra shows troubled time for government as result of any lunar eclipse we should see in next 15 days -So the trigger warning we all will get in even before the solar eclipse.

The Solar eclipse is in Mercurian Sign in naksahtra of Mars- it is clearly the Mars and Mercury combo in both eclipse and will going to start troubles in border areas of the country and moreover in the Indian ocean with trigger points at Andhra Pradesh.

Then comes the Solar eclipse of 21st June happening in Sign of gemini and nakshatra of Mars and dasha sequence which is running is clearly indicating regarding goverment troubled time with finances will occur and it is very likely possible for the goverment to abolish some financial acts as well.The effect of solar eclipse will be seen in month of July but trigger for this will start in June itself, If to be specific moreover around 26-30th July we will see this happening.

Books for Beginners in Jyotish.

I have written some of the really essentials one’s only but these books will not only help you get started in Jyotish but also to understand the subject very well- Please go through it -I have added amazon links below to avoid any confusion. The list contains for both Hindi and English as well.

I have over 1200 books in which some of them are manuscripts, some hand written and I haven’t came across a book which hasn’t taught me anything as sometimes its not the time that you will get the essence of the book, As if you are mentally prepared the book will start revealing everything you need to know and beyond it and even a single sentence will start giving you cramps due to happiness and same book will seem ordinary for some other person.

Its all about how we perceive anything in life or appreciate the beauty of the book- Venus Rahu combo/ 2nd lord with Rahu/Rahu connection to 2nd house will make sure you see and value things beyond normal -which very few people can see- The stronger the connection get- the power to see the value in any person/object increases while Jupiter in 2nd or aspecting second house can hardly judge wrong or right, I have explained that earlier as well.

So here is the list of 7 books for beginners in Jyotish.

1) My Experiences with Astrology– The book is about Journey of Dr. B.V Raman on how he became Jyotish and challenges he faced, This book will grip you as not only you will learn several principles of Jyotish but also how Jyotish really calls you. Here is the link


2) How to Judge Horoscope- Part-1 and 2- B.V Raman– This is really a good book to see how to quickly analyze any house and rules related to a particular house in any chart.
An old astrologer Bansal ji use to say- If you can read only this book -you become half astrologer and he was not wrong as book contains lot of information.


3) Fundamentals of Astrology- R.K Bhat– This is another good book to understand every house- I recommended it various times to see significations of houses and planets- In this book as well as in Lal-Kitab -5th house is referred as Umbrella while in another classic -I found Moon as Umbrella and body odor to be seen from 7th and same is for the perfume, Why i am telling you to pay attention these minor details as this will be used in remedy and predictions later on- Such as Mars in 7th in Gemini Sign will make perfume which is made of Tulips or similar fragrance.

Here is the Link – https://amzn.to/3cUQV52

4) Advance Techniques of Predictive Astrology– This is a good book with lot of reasoning and covering almost every topic in Jyotish and definitely recommended to read even if you have spent some years in Jyotish as well.

Here is the Link- Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology Vol-1 & 2

5) Compendium of Marriage by Mridula Trivedi– This book although covers marriage in detail but also teaches several principles of Jyotish which can be applied to any chart- This book really helped with all doubts related to marriage issues as there are several examples given in the book.

Here is the link – https://amzn.to/2UzwnZk

Now starts the Hindi List

6) Dev Vichar Mala by- H.N Katve- This has been referred by K.N Rao Ji several time when he quotes H.N Katve -It has several gems which no other book contains such as Moon in sign of Mercury will give business related to flowers but also name will be also associated with flower only so very different list of significations are in these books.


7) Sachitra Jyotish Shiksha- This is another gem of books comes in set but contains almost everything a beginner needs – I still refer to it as it contains everything from start to end.


That is it- I believe if you can read at least 2 of the above listed books- you are good to go as this will give you better understanding of subject and get you started.

My Experiences with Lal-Kitab

As i heard from several knowns and unknowns-This book is written by Souls.
“रूहो ने लिखी किस्मत की किताब”- Before you rush to book store near you to get this book-Please read complete article as may be you will change your mind.

This book has a very strong energy as any occult book whenever you will buy and start reading it -Eventually you will get affected by the energy of that book as i always use to feel when reading Bhrighu Jyotish- I get really proudy and with Lal-Kitab -I had a relation of several years and off and on several times. and it goes way back to 2003- when my private tutor for maths was learning lal-kitab and use to tell me about it.

In May 2020- One Morning after daily rituals I opened this book and touched to my head -praying that either give me nimits to continue with you or i should leave reading lal-kitab completely as i really want to understand you, with this emotional note,I started reading this book and same night i recevied an email from my studnet.

Title of the email was -lalkitab domain name – He said he has a domain name of lal-kitab.com and after listenting to course of predictive astrology-He want to gift it to me- He is holding this domain from last several years and several astrologers were after him for this domain name but he never sold it and today he felt it has to be given to me, i was stunned with the nimit of this book, Apart from this i got so many significations related to Mars and Ketu that i got cleanr that i should go ahead with full flow in decoding this book and make sure this book gets its place in Jyotish what it deserves.

The planet which governes this book is Mars and Ketu-This is a Scorpio book and is capable to transfrom life completely but when dealing with energy of Scorpio -one has to be very careful – Even in Ravan Samhita progression my Scorpio is active when i started working on Lal-kitab seriously in 2020.

This book has several stories where it created problems related to land and brothers and disturbed married life as this book has a energy which no one has really understood, I really feel sorry for anyone who felt this is a book for remedial measure or to make money by using this book as so much and so quickly will come back to them and Ketu being a karka for kids get affected. Please do not read remedies and give them to clients without understanding them.

There are several stories of people trying to learn Lal-Kitab and their whole life got upside down in the process-Any publication which has published this book has either caught fire or got closed due to some mishap, There is a wonderful redbook sutras written by B.D Dhanwantri Ji from Ghaziabad- The press caught fire and none of his books are available in market- I have got a copy of only one book from friend and it clearly shows the content written by B.D dhanwantri Ji was a wonderful content and out of 10 only 1 book is available till now.

One of the other friends tried to scan the book and scanner went bad, There is another story of a person who brought red book at home and his family life got disturbed after it, If you have any intention to learn lal-kitab -Please ask for nimit from the book-see if the book allows you to learn otherwise let it go- as this book is not meant for you and you should try any other branch of astrology.Such as Jaimini is Gemini sign -Ketu.

This is not an ordinary book but something very coded and special as this is a book of Pending karma- A lot of astrologers have labelled it as a remedial book but each remedy in this book has a very deeper significance -We can’t follow literal meaning of any remedy given such as Saturn in 5th house the native should not build his house as in several post I will give explainanition and how you can predict using a single line in Lal-Kitab and solve problems which exist in family from several generations.

This can be something simple written as -“मुर्दे का फूल -बुध  8वे  घर में” -Mercury in 8th house termed as flower for dead but this has a very deep meaning and solve problems of several generations.

As this book was written by souls so they have a explained one planet and then leave it to the intelligent reader to figure out rest of the planets and solve their problems of 8th house.

I will write different examples and decoded version of remedies on this blog- Keep Learning.

KaalSarp yog

One of the yogas where very less information is available and whatever available mostly concentrates on remedial part rather than predictive as until and unless we know the positive and negative effects of any combination- We can’t really know weather it is harming us or giving us any positive results as well.

As Kaalsarp is a yog which will give you both effects positive and negative during each dasha and you will realize importance of this yog as working on this yog from last several months -I see all other yog give results good or bad according to the time planned but this Yog is dreadful -It even affects the House next to it.

Such as If Someone has Rahu in Ascendant then time after time his finance/family he is born in life will keep getting affected due to his harsh speech and in case if any planet sitting next to Lord Rahu significance of that particular planet will keep fluctuating badly on a particular time cycle.

As lord Rahu is king of chart -without his desire you are not going to get anything in life and as royal he is -He will decide which planet will get how much importance and there are few snapshots you can easily make whenever you see this combo- Similarly when Ketu is in lagna the story is entirely different and so are the Predictions and remedies.

There are several reasons why someone gets a kaal sarp yog depending on Sign and dispostior of Rahu story will change every time- In case you have Anant Kaal sarp yog where Rahu is in Lagna in sign of Aries -you have a sin related to brothers/land/helping others as in past life you have not helped brothers properly and depending on your combinations you can see in which area- Similarly you will see this persons family will have a combination of unusual early age death either sibling of father or grandfather and now native has returned and in this life he will be Obsessed to help everyone and still not respected by anyone even after helping as he is paying back dues of past life.

Similarly opposite to this house is Ketu in 7th which shows detachment from the world but people will drag you down in every matter when you don’t event want to interact with anyone, You are not interested there when people want you to interact with you or meet you as you are searching for peace inside you.

The house 12th to Ketu is where you will be most accused of things such as 6th house is duties- You will be accused several times of not fulfilling your duties properly, Let us Say Venus placed there so Wife will always say “You are not worth a husband or wife will accuse or insult native for money”

When I did the video- I received like flood of emails with confirmations and several stories and I can understand the pain anyone has gone through as sometimes its not in our hand specially with Kaal Sarp Yog -Some combinations are so unavoidable such as Saturn/Mars or Moon in 3rd to Ketu the complete charts just nulls down.

As there are no general remedies for this -Only karmic corrections after understanding and if we understand the remedies -we will understand how deep the connections are for this combination, but there are some remedies which will break this chain completely and make debts over.

I wanted to complete this project but this is so huge that is beyond my capacity at present as even after working almost 12-13 hrs. every day- still it exceed the time allotted -As I thought in between 2 nakshatra courses – I have over 4-5 months and with strict schedule and discipline -I can get this done but even after working on this for 3 months day and night-still only 10% of the work and I have to go back to nakshatras now as starting level-2 but I think in coming years we will have a fairly good understanding of not only Kaalsarp yog but also of several other yogas.

Here is the Video on Kaalsarp yog.

Kaalsarp Yog