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Yantras- A Lost Science

February 12, 2023

Astrologers recommend various forms of remedies for the planets; It includes gemstones, prayers, and donations. Still, very few recommend yantras, but over a period of time, I have seen Yantras …

कुंडली मिलान और गुरु दोष

April 8, 2022

हमारे देश में शादी यूं ही नहीं हो जाती आज भी यह एक लंबी प्रक्रिया है। शादी के लिए वर- वधू को ढूंढने से लेकर, घर परिवार देखने तक सब …

Cancer & Chemo

March 22, 2022

I am writing this article for every one of you who is suffering from cancer or related diseases, As recently I saw an upsurge in these questions on our Facebook …

Jyestha — The King

February 22, 2022

King and Guru don’t deserve happiness – Happiness for both of them comes through either students or People. राजा और गुरु को सुख का कोई अधिकार नहीं। समाज की सेवा …

Past Life and Sun

February 15, 2022

Bhrigu Sutram techniques are mostly straightforward and easy to apply- I taught these to one student till yet as he is a practicing astrologer and for last 5 months or …