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Pitra Dosh Remedies

September 19, 2021

When people get Mercury in this house this clearly shows -that pitra are directly related to you
as Mercury is business transaction and when some transaction is still left between you and your pitars -people are born with 12th house Mercury.

Krishna-Experience the Maharaas

August 29, 2021

Krishna is the only one who can experience you Maharaas-the ras the which gives the feeling of bliss &
contentment- Imagine the feeling of happiness -Maharaas is the ultimate satisfaction a human can get in life- Let us get one more step ahead to make sure you feel the some portion of Maharaas in your body while reading the article.

रत्न और ज्योतिष

August 12, 2021

मानव शरीर जो भगवान की इतनी अद्भुत रचना है वह बहुत रहस्यवादी है और वही हमारे पूर्वज थे जिन्होंने ज्योतिष में विभिन्न उपचारात्मक उपाय लिखे थे- उनमें से एक“रत्न” है, …

अक्षय तृतीया और धन

August 7, 2021

शुक्ल तृतीया को अक्षय तीज मनाई जाती है- इस विशेष तिथि पर पूर्व में भी कई घटनाएं घट चुकी हैं, आइए हम उन्हें देखें और आप देखेंगे कि सभी घटनाएं …

बृहस्पति-चंद्र योग

August 5, 2021

चंद्र की युति से कई योग बनते हैं। उनमें से कुछ शुभ हैं और कुछ को अति अशुभ रूप में वर्णित किया गया है लेकिन व्यावहारिक रूप से कोई भी …

पिछले जीवन की यादें

August 1, 2021

जैसा कि हम भविष्य कहनेवाला ज्योतिष पाठ्यक्रम की हैप्पीनेस श्रृंखला में ग्रह के पैटर्न और उनके पीछे के कारण को सीख रहे हैं – यह वर्ग कुंडली को भी समझने …

मंदिर और आत्मा की शुद्धि- काशी विश्वनाथ- भाग -१

August 1, 2021

हमारे पूर्वज इस बात से अच्छी तरह वाकिफ थे कि ईश्वर हर जगह है लेकिन फिर भी उन्होंने देशभर में कई खूबसूरत मंदिरों का निर्माण किया। इन मंदिरों का वास्तु …

Planets visiting you

February 3, 2021

Planets in Capricorn- You have to serve them -Its a sign and symbol of servitude in your chart and any planet sitting in this sign – you actually serve them with lot of hard work and feel cheated that is why for Pisces ascendant they work on very low salaries for employer reason being their are paying the past life debt to the employer as Capricorn lies in the 11th house of natal chart which is regular income, These people will work very hard to earn money but once this debt is over then only a regular income source comes to them.

Rohini Dasa -Code of Cosmos

October 31, 2020

I went through several theories to find out that why two similar charts even got different timing and finally one day the cosmos got unlocked-then I went on to test it in different combinations of BPHS and Nadi -It was just like all of them decided on a conference call that this is the timing system as SOP. the tears of Joy and cramps in the stomach followed as this was written from my first book of Jyotish to most advance one and it was just mere ignorance of me as a reader to overlook every time -Maharishi Parashara mentioned at this age this will happen or in Bhrighu Nandi Nadi-it is said the life span is 70 years of age.

Dasa Progression & Special Rules

August 3, 2020

The shloka quoted in the Video is from Chandra kala nadi and by decoding a single dictum -we know rishis are using progression of planet to give results of dasa, Then there are some special rules related to dasa progression as in Chandra kala nadi -no one will write specially that you should special rules related to rules of dasa progression -It is same in Bhrighu Samhita- as only results will be written and you have to write down back story on your own.