Story of Gratitude & Devotion

So this is a beautiful story of showing gratitude and how Mahakaal take care of everything -If we just surrender everything over to him.

One of my Seniors in robotics industry -An ex-navy guy -I knew him from past 10-12 years, A real gentleman on the field and always ready to help anyone he will come across through his wisdom and knowledge, I always told him that after robotics he should open a tour and travels as he has knowledge of every single religious destination on every minute detail from booking travel routes to timing of darshan-name of local drivers, name of priest of all these temples and being in trust of Mahakaal temple – he knows how to arrange everything, Whenever you will meet him – his talks will always revolve around temples and stories related to it.

If anyone call him that they want to visit certain temple for any pooja – he will just go along – book all ticket on his expenses and arrange everything smoothly- Like one of friends son once said -I want to visit Malikaarjun to do pooja but…. he stopped him at but and said let us go tomorrow by flight- make sure h get that particular pooja done and then return back home, and this is not his profession or Job but the devotion and dedication towards Mahakaal.

So about a 2 weeks back someone requested that they need to visit Bhimshanker Jyotirling if he can arrange it for them- As after lockdown- this was first opportunity he said why not I will go along with you and my family to in total of 6 people his family and and mother daughter duo went on to trip of Bhimshanker.

Somehow the flights got delayed and by the time they reached Bhimshanker -it was 8pm – Anyone who has visited bhimshanker knows that it gets really dark and silent by that time as temple is located in the outskirts and moreover roads are like the one below during day as well.

Jungle on sides and empty road -you can imagine what it will be like at 8pm and everything was closed, So anyhow he called the Priest that they are arriving and they kept the door open -so finally they did their pooja offer to lord Shiv and came out.

As it was Tuesday and fast of this person – he hasn’t had food since morning -after pooja he asked priest he there is any place to stay- which priest said at present there is nothing so all of them came back to Car this person was thinking – I have 4 females with me and one young kid and there is no place to stay and as he was climbing stairs up- rain also started, so he said ok the worse comes to worse we will sleep in car without food.

He asked driver to drive to see if any hotel or motel nearby – The signal in phones were troublesome in area and also very less battery left but in search for some food -they started driving but anyone who has visited Bhimashanker knows there is nothing in that area and after lot of driving you will find villages and in night time in rain its impossible anyhow while driving driver hit something and they had to stop -In night he was not able to saw the milestone and had a minor scuffle on side of the tyre- While he was inspecting the car- they saw a light – He asked the driver about that place as he was local – he said never visited this placed and don’t know what it is? As there was no sign board or name displayed.

So He went down from car rushing in to see that its a restaurant- wonderful -only one man present- sitting on a sofa listening to old traditional music of Veena- This man was around 6ft 2″ long face but peaceful looking face-very calm- As soon as our friend entered and asked with curiosity, because somehow he was sure the answer is NO. – Do you have any food available ? but the answer was positive so in surprise and happiness- he signaled everyone to get out of car and enter the restaurant.

So the arrangement was of like someone’s drawing room turned in to restaurant – and he asked owner what is available for dinner, to everyone’s surprise he pulled out a big menu and said order whatever you want.

Everyone looked at each other in amaze but as everyone was discussing owner said take dal fry thali and everyone agreed to it because till now no one was even expecting if he and his wife alone can mange dal fry and let us agree to whatever is available – but as god has always other plans- The food comes with lots of extra like rice, poppadum, sweets, salads, starters, Soup, and several other vegetables and there was Just 2 people- This Husband and wife and everyone wondered how she is doing all thing alone in mere 30 mins the food was served -freshly cooked -none of them imagined that they can have such a luxurious meal in middle of nowhere.

In the whole process no saw the wife all they saw that she was listening to music of Veena and wearing pink flower saree with white background.

The thali looked like something below which everyone looked as amazed and the our friend was thanking god as this was his first meal of the day in a deserted place like this.

So anyhow once they were done with dinner now he asked the owner if there is any hotel available nearby to stay in night to his amazed he said -We also have rooms to stay as this was again surprise as all he can see was small cottage home turned in to restaurant and he had all this weird thought of everyone sleeping on floor but the night was full of surprises- Hotel owner said come with me – Let me show you rooms.

So they went out of backdoor and there was another cottages build with exactly 3 rooms – and mint fresh -clean bedsheets and like any other 5 star hotel room- so they took all 3 rooms and went to sleep and still could not believe that they fund this place and out friend kept on thanking Bhimashaker for his mercy and providing everything and as they wake up next morning -he said let us go once again to thank Bhimashankar Bhagwan and then we will do breakfast but the owner said take your luggage’s with you as cleaning will be done early here and can’t guarantee on workers -so they did a checkout and While checking out he asked the owner for bill and phone number for future purpose – The owner said come for breakfast – I will give you my card and total amount as well as till now he hasn’t taken a 1rs for anything said will come back for breakfast and everyone mounted in car went to Bhimashanker early morning to pay gratitude for everything-attended the Aarti and now they decided let us go back to hotel to have some breakfast.

The story gets complicated here as their is only one road to go down and you can’t miss anything which comes in between but they were never able to find that restaurant again -so they tried to go back and forth couple of time to see if they have missed that restaurant in between -asked the locals around if they know any restaurant like this nearby as driver was local so he knew that place very well- Even he went on like crazy that I am sure -the hotel was at this site which is now jungle- he said “I knew this place inside out as I come here at least 3 times a week” Then he showed everyone that this was the milestone – I parked my car and milestone can’t be changed.

This incident shooked everyone to the core that rest of the time everyone had tears in their eyes for gratitude of Bhimashanker that how something like this is even possible, when my friend told me story – Both of us sat down and use google map to see if he is not hallucinating but none of the hotels which are nearby Bhimashanker were there as when we enquire by call we found out most of the hotels are either closed temporarily due to covid or they just does not match the description of 4 cottages, One more interesting thing has happened since that event that my friend is suddenly losing weight and not well since then as this incident has shocked him deeply.

I have nothing to say in terms of who the hotel owner were and how it all happened but what i see is that gratitude towards ishwar and habit of thanking every moment- Mahakaal take cares of everything.

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50 thoughts on “Story of Gratitude & Devotion”

    1. Goosebumps and tears ,can almost see bholenath serving them and can almost see the flower prints on jagdamba’s saree…Annapurne sada pure🙏🏽🙏🏽,Maa and baba will never let their kids go hungry.All my punya brought me to Deepanshuji….. can’t write in words🙏🏽🌺

    2. Jai mahakaal
      Thanku sir ur stories make to have strong faith and believe in God… Whom so ever but the Supreme power is one only two form shiv and shakti
      Jai aadi Dev…jai aadi shakti…..jai mahakaal….. Jai mahaa Kaali.

    3. Surya Kumar sikha

      Indirectly they have Darshan of shiv and parvati ,, all of them are pure atma !! I am also ex navy , wish I have the details of this person

  1. Sharad shyam Sharma

    One day definitely god will be there to solve my problem also. Thanks for narrating the incident, Deepanshu ji.

  2. Onkar Sopan Dhamale

    Yes, at Bhimashankar , many of the devotees had mystical experiences…A mighty guru of Dattatreya clan , the incarnation of Shripad Vallabha after 700 yrs, Shree Gopal baba, who took samadhi in 2016 in Pithapuram…always used to say that he is the bhimashankari…I am the one…even many devotees around Gopalbaba had such mystical experiences….
    The same experiences of Mahakaal people observed while aurangzeb attacked Jejuri, Khandoba in Pune Maharashtra…
    Mahakaal, Martand Bhairava sent black Boongas, (big insects) to attack 50000 soldiers of aurangzeb when they tried to demolish the ShivShakti, Khandoba Mahakaal temple in Jejuri…
    Auranzeb was so frightened…he bowed down to Mahakaal and granted one 1.25 lakh gemstone to ShivShakti lingam and the problem was resolved…only one temple in Mharashtra is saved, I e Jejuri, Khandoba…
    I myself have seen many miracles..
    Also in Bhimashankar, there r thousands of yogis in those mountains in caves whom r rarely seen…if u r lucky enough, u encounter powerful yogis in different roops…
    One such super enlightened avadoota was Gopal baba…Dattatreya ordered him to take avatara in Vishakhapatnam and then Pithapuram…
    This Gopal baba was also guru of Sai Baba named Venkusa…also this Mahavishnu Gopalbaba was guru of Kabir…
    Gopal baba came in my dreams 4 times in last one year..and answered my questions in my mind….
    Yes, if I enroll ur course someday, will share all my mystical experiences sirji..one just needs to have gratitude and down to earth attitude and helping nature…god will be with them…
    Pranaam to u…and ur divine knowledge…
    Om Namah Shivaya

  3. तरुण

    जैसे आपके मित्र देवो के देव महादेव उनकी लाज राखी वैसे ही सबकी रखें महाकाल आशीर्वाद सबको प्रापत ये पढ़ते समय सारा शरीर झन झना रहा ओर आखो मैं मिलन की आस

  4. Ramadevi Kanumuri

    Thank you very much for sharing this amazing incident Deepanshu giri sir, we are all always have an attitude of gratitude and devotion towards the eternal power of GOD brings happiness , fulfillment . Everyday one minute of gratitude for everything bus ek dam khushi🙏🙏🙏

  5. Nandita Choudhury

    No words to describe. Hoping my family and me able to visit Bhimshankar temple.
    Thank you for this wonderful narration .

  6. Beautiful story. I got tears while reading. Very true, we had visited lord Bhimashankar temple long back and there are no Hotels nearby. The roads were very very narrow , jungle around and snakes. We had managed to find very small room for accommodation for that night. Next day we had darshan of the Lord. I was wondering all the way that this is one of the Jyotirlingam and how come no proper arrangements are made for stay or drive for the devotees. Now I understand that God himself make all arrangements for true devotees. Thanks for sharing Sir🙏

  7. महादेव अपने भक्तों के लिए बड़े दयालु हें ।
    जय जय श्री महाकाल ।

  8. Mahendra Narayan Das

    Personally..I have always felt that Lord Shiva is my everything. This incident is an amazing description of how Bholenath takes care of people. He’s the ultimate truth and there is nothing beyond Him, atleast for me. I only pray that may my faith in Him and love for Him remain intact forever.

    Thank you Deepanshu sir for this sharing this. I am so overwhelmed with joy. I have no words to express how nice I am feeling to learn about Mahadev’s love for the mankind.

  9. Once again you shared a wonderful story, if the sadhak is sincere and had abundant faith on God the above type of mysterious experiences will take place.

    Lord Siva is a benevolent God, he is perfectly aware of the needs of his children. In that night God provided everything and looked after them well. Once they went back to visit Sri Bhimshankar to express their gratitude, the said hotel and owner disappeared.

    I too heard during these pandemic times unknown Yogis from the remotest parts of Himalayas visited several places in our country and performed some rituals as per divine will or divine instructions. Publicity prohibited. Just they came secretly without any disclosure of their identity and performed the rituals, once they completed, the Yogis left their places and saved our country from large number of deaths. This is due to their detachment with this physical world.

    In one way Bharat is very mysterious place. Our people have to practice forgotten vedic dharmas meant for the welfare of all. These are eternal. Now a days due to internet, social media revolution people are becoming so mechanical and lives are becoming routine. Eternal vedic dharmas have to be known to all.

    Nice sharing of divine leela of Lord Siva in the month of Karteeka, Deepanshu ji. Wish God bless us all.

  10. Tears coming from my eyes reading this. Sir apke friend ko bolo mujhe kedarnath or rameshvaram k darshan kara de please🙏😭

  11. Got goosebumps by just reading the Story.. what a miracle !! Jai Mahakaal jai Maa Jagadamba🌷🙏🏻 🍀☘️🌼

  12. Came across many such experience from people. I will suggest if he can visit Mehndipur Balaji once so he might get better.

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