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Saturn is not only the core crust of earth which is rock solid but also it is the Iron inside you that forms your inner core as Saturn is the base planet that controls your breath, longevity, health issues, old age, patience and persistence as in a class all of them have the same Guru or teacher which teaches every student with an equal amount of effort but as every student has a different goal and way of understanding things in life that is why learning of each student differs even when studies in the same class.

Secondly, the persistence and hard work of various students are on a different level that when something is taught by the teacher by their own practice these people are able to do extraordinary things in life.

You can have all the bhagya in life but to make sure you outshine you require Saturn and qualities of Saturn such as – you need to be consistent even when no visible results are seen, You need to be disciplined and continue to work with core principles as well as in tough conditions you should be able to bear the pressure of success and failure both and nothing should go in head.

Anyone in this world who has achieved great heights has been blessed by the qualities of Saturn. If you don’t work on your core you will not be able to build anything in this life, greater and stronger the core more stable is your life and does not get affected by turbulences.

You should ask these questions to yourself?

What is my core? Why is the Karma assigned to me? why my Saturn is in a particular position on the chart?

What is your core- what is your core belief system as if you don’t have a core belief system and if you don’t work on your core skills you definitely are going to

Have you ever wondered why Saturn becomes the Karamkarka -Why 10th house only is the Karam and not any other house?

If you can understand the basics you can definitely understand the past life karma and why in the different chart in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi – It has been suggested that in past life native does all these mistakes and this is a big topic so I will explain with simple a concept first and then from there on we can build up more to the same technique – It is the same case we did with badhak and now we will so same with past life charts.

We will start with basics such as Saturn stores karma and to understand more please look at this video on the greatness of Saturn Nakshatras- Greatness of Saturn Nakshatras- Carry over – YouTube

In this life, if i ask you what you have done with your old stuff which you are not able to use or consume- You either throw in dustbin or give it to someone who requires it as you deemed it unfit for your use and this is what Saturn is that every planet has a signification and when we think we are not able to bear the signification of that planet or not able to use it anymore we keep it somewhere not used and store it like Saturn and Saturn being an Enuch planet without reacting stores that karma for you.

10th from Saturn to be seen to judge the profession of native as written in BPHS by R.Shantanam as whatever is the residual of your karma will be delivered through Saturn but this is only one part- You should also see the complete chart from making Saturn as lagna and see what karma is for which particular planet is left- I taught this technqiue to one of the students for pending karma readings and send few clients to her and the feedback which i got was stunning and moreover the remedies were effective as well.

I will start by a simple example and then you can understand how to use this but understand this is just a beigning of something really deep and as you will start practising you will realsie the past life storage house is Saturn and that is why Saturn is called as singificator of pain as these are unresolved issues of life.

4th from Saturn- Any planet in 4th from Saturn will disturb your peace and worry and it will be difficult for you to handle this energy – This is signification where you have to loose your mental peace, you will be outcast in society due to signification of this planet

Example-1 – Saturn placed in Libra– 4th from Saturn is a sign of Capricorn without planet – So I asked “Have you left Job or profession at the age of 32 as this must be what you have built from your own hard work till now ?”

This person built a product in the company but the company owner got insecure and fired him from the Job.

As Capricorn is something which is built after a lot of hard work and struggle but 32 the native had to let it go and for him, work is the major issue or say mental worry in his life.

Example -2  Saturn in Cancer for Donald trump in 12th house- His major issue in life is Libra as this is what people choose to attack him- All the women are never going to respect him and also create trouble for him as well.

Example -3 Saturn in Taurus in 10th house and Lagna has 5 planets-  The native is blessed with everything in life and wife of an IPS officer but one thing she is not blessed with is the health and energy in life.

Example -4 Frank Sinatra -Saturn in 9th house in Gemini and 4th from it is 12th house Virgo- His dark side was overspending on gambling, money and glove in hand with organised Crime Mafia- see the term organised which is a trait of Virgo and FBI had a complete file on him.

Example 5- Graham Bell- Saturn in Lagna in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house- His mother and wife both were deaf and that is the reason he chose to teach deaf people via various technology to pay back his karma.

Exciting right about this technique but this is the tip of the mountain and what lies behind this tip you cannot even imagine- What I require from students who are interested in learning Past life and pending karma is – Understand the basics of the blank chart and then we will see more signification from it.

Use this technique to rectify your Shastyansh- Saturn and Houses- these are the houses and ages when Saturn will give results.

Saturn in Houses Activation Year D-60
1 22
2 25
3 28
4 30
5 23
6 31
7 29
8 26
9 32
10 34
11 33
12 37

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  1. Thank you for your great articles, so pleasing, comment is, I can see it applies both from Moon n Lagna position of Sa, at 32 and 34 it applied for me. Also he is kind to give us a chance to revive and mostly giving results only from age of 22, that’s after letting us take our own decisions, love n respect once again, Jai shambhu


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