Webinar on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English [Live]


No of Lecturesย  2 [Minimum]
Type of Lecturesย  Live
First Lecture onย  25-Feb-23
Second Lecture on 26-Feb-23
Languageย  English
Extras – 1 Will get Free Paperback book on Retrograde Plantes
Extras – 2 Will get Free ebook on Retrograde Plantes
Extras – 3 Free recorded course of retrograde in sequence taught by DG sir on Youtube

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  • This webinar will cover…How do retrograde planets give results?Results will be Good or Bad in retrograde dasa.Timing & results of retrograde planetsExceptional charts failing timing of events, precautions while timing for retrograde planets.

    Retrograde planet and divisional charts.

    Birth time rectification using D-60 chart.

    Retrograde planets and D-60.

    Remedial measures of Retrograde planets.


    Already covered on youtube…

    (you will get all youtube lectures in sequence with this webinar in case you have missed any on Youtube)

    • Retrograde planets can have a significant impact on an individual’s life as the energy and influence of the planet may be weakened or strengthened.
    • The course is designed to provide knowledge and tools to navigate retrograde planets and use their energy to one’s advantage.
    • The course is free and delivered in the form of videos that can be watched at one’s own convenience.E


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