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Vimshottari Dasha – One of the Most Complex Dasha which I felt cannot be taught without students asking for live examples.

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Do you feel stuck while predicting timing of events? Have you ever felt how can this event be happened in this dasha period? Then this Vimsottari Dasha webinar is an opportunity for you to learn hidden techniques of Dasha prediction.

Vimsottari Dasha is one of the most important Predictive Dasha that we use to predict the Timing of Events. Though it is most commonly and widely used dasha but there are so many things in this dasha that are hidden and have not taught before. In this webinar Deepanshu sir is going to teach those sutras and will demonstrate how we can give stunning dasha prediction through Vimsottari Dasha.

This course will include taking case studies from students and showing how Dasha works.

Enrol to Master your skills on Vimsottari dasha to predict timing of events. You can enrol in this course link below and we will automatically select students who regularly send their assignments.

Also, initially, these bullet points will be covered in this
โ€ข ย  ย Secret of Vimshottari Dasha
โ€ข ย  ย The concept of Dasha
โ€ข ย  ย Outcome of Dasha
โ€ข ย  ย Timing of Events
โ€ข ย  ย Remedial Measures
โ€ข ย  ย Dasha Pravesh Chakra
โ€ข ย  ย Dasha Progression
โ€ข ย  ย Use of Navash
โ€ข ย  ย D60 in Dasha โ€“ Shashtiamsa
โ€ข ย  ย Nakshatra in Dasha Outcome

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