Timing of Events through Vimshottari Dasha



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The Yogas bargains essentially with the method of examination and translation of the different visionary yogas concurring to the Parashari framework. The approach to investigation is based on the standards which are so frequently overlooked whereas managing with this all-important subject. The part of the houses where the different yogas frame, the signs included, the other planetary impacts on the yoga-forming planets, the quality and shortcoming of the constituent planets, their status within the vargas, and the working dasha have all been explained with cases. One full chapter has been given to the popular, but ill-understood, Gaja-Kesari yoga as a show illustration of the procedure of yoga translation, and the different components which encourage or discourage the working of a yoga. The Pancha-Mahapurusha yogas, the sun oriented and the lunar yogas, and the vital Dhana yogas, Raja yogas and Arishta yogas have all been treated comprehensively. The by and large disregarded Nabhasa yogas have been classified in a one of a kind way and their importance in horoscopic examination underlined. One chapter is committed to the Snayasa yogas.Yogas in Astrology by KS Charak is one of the best astrology book on yogas.


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