Retrograde Planets Course [Chapterwise Recorded Lectures]


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  • Retrograde planets can have a significant impact on an individual’s life as the energy and influence of the planet may be weakened or strengthened.
  • The course is designed to provide knowledge and tools to navigate retrograde planets and use their energy to one’s advantage.
  • The course is free and delivered in the form of videos that can be watched at one’s own convenience.

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Vedic astrology defines a retrograde planet as one that appears to be moving backwards. A retrograde planet may weaken or strengthen its energy and influence on an individual’s life. In this course, you will learn about the different retrograde planets in Vedic astrology. You will also discover how they can affect different areas of your life, such as relationships, career, and personal growth. You will also learn techniques for working with the energy of retrograde planets to improve your life. The course is free and will be delivered in the form of videos.

There will be several situations in your life in which you would have thought that why you are obsessed with achieving a certain thing, why you are being forced due to the situation and circumstances to perform certain tasks repeatedly – this is due to the effect of retrogression as you would be pressurized to accomplish certain tasks in this life. Any planet will become retrograde when there is karam done in your past life in which you have gone outside the boundaries of Surya dev, and performed actions in which you have not followed the rules and regulations regarding those significations as well as did not take the proper responsibilities, due to which you would make a lot of mistakes in that area of your life and eventually, you have to perform that task several times in order to perform it correctly. Retrogression also shows the actions which have to be completed in this life before which you will not be able to leave the earth – such as if Venus is in the 7th house retrograde, then in this life you have to provide your Spouse with money and resources as well as in the same area you will make a lot of mistakes initially and have to face obstacles due to which you will grow and learn a lot in this life.


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