Renewal – Essentials of Astrology โ€“ A Foundation Course [English] Recorded


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First Lecture 2nd July 2022 [Tentative]
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1.Gayatri Mantra and Yantra SadhanaGayatri is the Key to accessing the Aakashik Intelligence. A day in an Astrologer’s life is incomplete without the practice of Gayatri.

  • The Science of Mantra & Yantra.
  • The Purpose of Practising Gayatri in Daily Life.
  • Effects of Gayatri Siddhi.
  • Daily Sadhana for an Astrologer to Balance the Energies.

2. Panchang

In Vedic Astrology, Panchang has great importance. An auspicious day or Muhurat cannot be decided without the proper understanding of Panchang. Knowledge of Panchang will help you to choose favorable days for any significant activities.

  • Tithi -Deities and Deeper meaning of each Tithi. How the Tithi can be used for describing the life of the native.
  • Nakshatra- Understanding the Moon Nakshatra to determine the focal point of Life.
  • Vaar- Importance of each day and activities based on the tithi, and nakshatra.
  • Yog โ€“ Understanding Yogas and life patterns.
  • Karan- Determining the most important Karam of your life using Karan.

Reading Ephemeris and using to draw hand made charts and Divisional charts.

3. Planets & Energy Cycles

  • Description of Nine planets and explaining their energy cycles to be used for predictive purposes.
  • Strength of Planets.
  • DasaVarga.
  • Special Avasthas of Planets.

4. Activation Ages of Planets

  • Natural Ages of Planets.
  • Activation Ages in determining events and Predicting using NaisargikDasa.
  • Activation Techniques.

5. Lal Kitab Fundamentals

  • Basic Understanding of Lal Kitab.
  • How to use Lal Kitab with Vedic.
  • Explaining the deeper version of Lal Kitab.
  • Decoding predictive techniques from Lal Kitab.

6.12 houses & Their Descriptions in Astrology

  • Understanding the deeper meanings related to the energy of each house and the grouping of houses.
  • Trik, Apokilam, Upachya, Kendra, Trikon.
  • Why and How these houses are linked together, and energy of one planet affects another planet in the same group of houses?
  • BhavChalit Chart and Rasi chart differences, How to use and Results.
  • Role of Mrityubhag/Amrit Bhag Planets and Remedies.
  • Role of Mandi Gulika in creating Raj yog.

7. Yogas and Their Manifestation in Astrology

  • Formation of different types of Yogas in Astrology.
  • Predictions for various yogas.
  • How to decipher yogas to see if any yog is special in the chart?
  • Timing and the manifestation of Yogas.
  • Parivartan Yogas โ€“ Stories related to each Parivaratan and manifestation in real life.
  • When does Partivartan work or does not work?
  • PanchMahapurushYogas- Explanation of yogas and special conditions which makes these yogas special.
  • How to Judge the potential of charts such as Chart belong to Rich person or health of native, the marriage of native, education and kids.

8. Astrology and Tri-Doshas (Tattva)

  • Tridoshas of Planets.
  • Introduction to Medical Astrology.
  • Diseases related to each planet.
  • Medicines related to each planet.
  • Remedies to Balance the Tri-Dosha.

9. Dasa& Predicting Life Events

  • VimshottariDasa Principles and Applications.
  • Judging Dasa outcomes based on yogas.
  • Rule of each dasa and step-by-step method to predict.
  • Energy point of Dasa sequence and how to determine energy point on any given day.

10. Remedial Measures

  • The science behind Remedies.
  • Real Purpose of performing Remedies.
  • Which remedial measure will suit the native most?
  • How do create remedies based on tatva of planets?
  • Most effective days to do remedy.


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