Level 0 Astrology Course – Motivation of Astrology Learning [English] Live


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Live Class Date – 25 March 2023
Time – 10: 00 AM ( IST)
Language – English

This course is for all the astrology students who wish to learn astrology but are not sure about where to start as Jyotish looks like a complicated subject.

This course will teach you an introduction to astrology, help you with various resources of astrology, and how to progress further as a building a clear road map for every astrology student.

This course will not only enable you to get an introduction to the subject but also on how to apply the knowledge practically.

Course Content:
– Introduction to Nine Planets and their significations.
– Introduction to 12 housesย  12 signs and their significations
– The special position of planets and significations Aspects of Planet and Rasi
– How to read charts and judge various significations.
– Practical application of Jyotish by making predictions.
– General remedies for each planet.
– Assignments and Community support etc.

Eligibilityย – This course is designed especially for those who have zero knowledge of astrology and have never been enrolled in any paid courses of Lunar Astro, but are really keen to learn astrology. Those students who enrolled themself without fulfilling the eligibility criteria, will not be admitted to the live class and there will be no refund in that case.

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Here are some reasons why everyone might want to learn astrology:

  1. Self-awareness: Astrology can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. This self-awareness can lead to personal growth and development.
  2. Relationships: Astrology can help individuals understand their relationships with others, whether romantic, familial, or professional. Understanding the astrological chart of a partner, family member, or colleague can provide insight into their personality and communication style.
  3. Career: Astrology can be used as a tool for making career decisions. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses indicated by an individual’s birth chart can help them choose a career path that is well-suited to their natural abilities and interests.
  4. Timing: Astrology can be used to make predictions about future events, and to understand the timing of important events in one’s life. This can be useful for making decisions about investments, travel, and other major life changes.
  5. Cultural understanding: Astrology has been an important part of many cultures throughout history, and studying astrology can help individuals understand the cultural context of different societies.
  6. Spiritual growth: Astrology can be a tool for spiritual growth and development. It can help individuals connect with the larger universe and understand their place in it.

Overall, learning astrology can be a fascinating and valuable experience, providing insights into oneself, relationships, and the world at large.

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