Jataka Parijata ( Hindi) Vol. 1 & 2



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Pandit Rao gives a few insights:
The condition of the dasha lords must be inspected within the birth chart, and the navamsha. If the address is around career, at that point you must furthermore utilize the dashamsha chart, on the off chance that around kin, the drekkana, in the event that around property, the chaturthamsha, in the event that children, the saptamsha, in case parent, the dwadashamsha. Do a combined perusing:
3.5 focuses for the condition of the natal dasha rulers, 3 focuses for the navamsha, and half a point for the third (divisional) chart. Each occasion must be inspected through these three charts. In Vimshottari dasha, look at the major period, the sub-period & the sub-sub period, checking for the common positions of the major & sub dasa rulers. In case they are in kendras or trikonas, it’s favorable. In houses 2 / 12, or 6 / 8, there are troubles. Consider the possession of the dasha rulers. See moreover at the Yogini dasha in impact. Triple check with Chara dasha. Re-examine from the angle of the moon. At long last, see at travels, never forgetting the sarvashtaka. Rao extends on this within the rest of the book.ย 


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