Independence Day Offer on Software


Independence Day Offer:

Lunar Astro is offering a High Discount on Astrology Software for the Jyotish Community on this auspicious occasion.

Discount on Parashara Light Software – 45% on Original Price
(Code –EKBHARAT76 )

Discount on Bhrigu Software – 45% on Original Price

Discount on Purchasing Both- 50% on Original Price

Discount on Red Astro Software – 20% on Original Price
(Code -REDASTRO76)ย 


The Offer is Available for 48 Hours Only.

(Limited Software Available)

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Lunar Astro Provides popular astrology software to help the students in Research Work, making Predictions, Dasha Analysis, Matching Kundli and many more.

Benefits and Features of Parasharaโ€™s Light Astrology Software

  • Parashara Light Software comes with an inbuilt free personalized tutorial to guide the users to use the software smoothly.
  • This Astrology Software is available in various other Languages -English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu.
  • You can get Parashara Light Vedic Astrology software in three editions- Personal, Commercial & Professional.
  • This Astrology software has the largest astrological database with more than 5000+ calculations and tools.
  • All the calculations of this software are certified by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth and it provides almost every type of astrological calculation.
  • This software offers various types of chart styles like- South, North and East Indian chart styles.
  • Parasara’s Light Vedic Astrology software comes with many Vedic Astrological classical texts.
  • This software has pre-configured printing tools and a worksheet screen where you can put a second person chart.
  • You will get free technical support with this Jyotish Software.

Why Parasharaโ€™s Light Software is the most popular astrology software?

Parashara’s Light Vedic Astrology software comes with an extremely stylish interface and easy navigation that makes all the professionals as well as the beginners very comfortable. Also, it comes with various other regional languages that give the software a large exposure. All the mathematical calculations of this software are 100% accurate and certified.

Benefits and Features of Bhrigu Astrology Software

  • This Astrology Software has a Database of 27000 charts for research.
  • Use and Learn Vedic Progression and Bhrigu Progression.
  • Access Modified Dashas like- Yogini, Kaal Chakra, Bhrighu Ashottari, etc in this astrology software.
  • Use Lunar Hora Chart to see financial prospects.
  • Get House Code and Rasi Code with this astrology software.
  • All in one software at a reasonable price.
  • Get Jaimini Sutram Calculations.

Why Bhrigu Software is the best astrology software?

Bhrigu Astrology Software gives you the necessary facilities to prepare and analyse a birth chart at a very low price also it saves time. Compare to other astrological software, this Bhrigu Software will provide you with everything in one place like, Lal Kitab Varshaphal, Tajika Chart, Chara Dasha, Transit chart, natal chart, Jaimini Karaka and many more. Practice and Master astrology with our best astrology software (Bhrigu Software).



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