Golden Rules of Astrology



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It is a well-known word in astrology, but the four lords of the person’s angle will luxuriate in longevity, a luxurious life in real estate, and success in all directions. These kinds of 500 golden rules were described in Chapter 1, “The Role of the Planets.” The formation or disruption of human destiny patterns was discussed in Chapter 15. This book provides excellent information on illustrious careers, amassing great wealth, business genius, poverty yoga, madness, Sun Saturn relationship, mute yoga, influence of Guru Chandara Yoga, and much more. For a great manager who is the face of the country, yoga can make a difference. Astrology offers insight into the meaning and purpose of life and the predictable/unpredictable patterns of life events that shape the pattern of a person’s destiny through an invisible force called the Law of Karma. must be kept. This book will surely help a hardworking astrologer with a gift for synthesis to become a good predictor.


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