Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: A Classical Work Based on NADI Technique of Prediction



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“Brighu Nadi Nadi is an ancient authentic Nadi Granta that is very popular in South India. Whatever your ascendancy, with the help of this book you can judge in precise terms everything about parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children, past, present and future.
You can make a clear statement about your educational and professional life prospects, international travel, financial status at different stages of life, and longevity. All you have to do is choose from the over 500 natal charts in this book to match the planetary nature of your natal chart.
Another feature of the forecasting methods used in this book is the determination of the exact timing of events based on planetary transits. Common events in life were predicted based on the placement of the planets at birth.
The usefulness of this book was further enhanced by specific remedies to protect oneself from the harmful planetary influences that cause life’s tragedies.
The horoscope display method used in this book is not only novel and informative, but also a challenge for astrology students interested in studying it.”


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