Aspects in Vedic Astrology



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Astrology prediction plays an important role in human life. Astrology can predict important events in life with moderate accuracy. Experienced astrologers are not just generalized from previous observations. He designed a series of rules based on thousands of years of intuition and observation. If it is processed carefully and correctly, there is a process that can provide accurate predictions. Complex astrology rules are often interpreted in various ways, and the correct interpretation depends on the experience and intuitive abilities of astrologers. Answers to questions like โ€œWhich planet causes surgical operations โ€” Mars in the 8th or Ketu in the 8th?โ€™, โ€˜What is the basis for the allotment of different portfolios to planets in Mundane Astrology?โ€™ etc., cannot be found in any textbooks on Astrology. But such topics has been exhaustively dealt with in this volume – tough questions bearing on vocations, yogas, muhurta, female horoscopy and miscellaneous subjects have been answered deftly and with clarity enabling the readers to get an intimate appreciation of the subtler aspects of astrology.


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