A Course On Navansha – Jaimini Sutram


Bi-monthly live classesย  based on your assignments


This course is purely based on Rashis and how to use their base energy from D1 and make predictions from Maharishi Jaimini’s point of view using the Rasi occupied in navmesh.
There are 12 shlokas that are taught in the course and it will give a glimpse of how the Jaimini Sutram works like why it is written for Aries Navansh – “The person will be troubled with rats and cats”.
Maharishi Jaimini – you will realize is a true Ketu and while reading Jaimini Sutram as well – you will find your Ketu getting activated in the chart like it was in the case of Rashis.

I will discuss various ages as well as how you can decode minute predictions by using this with respect to the combination of D1 and D9 as like I have said that D1 is the tree & D9 is the fruit so you can understand what the ultimate result or fruit of that planet is going to be.

Course Language: Hindi & English

About the Course of Navansha-Jaimini Sutram English & Hindi
About the Course of Navansha-Jaimini Sutram English
About the Course of Navansha-Jaimini Sutram Hindi


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