Predictive Nakshatras

Predict using Nakshatra & Nakshatra Padas
(Recorded Session)

This course is derived from rare work of Goswami Nathu lal Ji maharaj notes in Rohini Tara Samhita -which was written in 1830-when he was head of shrine in Talagang,Pakistan.

โ€‹Each nakshatra will be covered in detail with mythology associated with each nakshatra and how to draw out conclusion from each story to make techniques and prediction.

Why this is such a rare work as this system says- Irrespective of you have any planet placed in a particular nakshatra or not but still that particular nakshatra will give results at a particular age, Till now we only used few nakshatras as we didn’t have any planet in particular nakshatra but this system will broaden your horizon to use all nakshatras in zodiac.

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