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Basic Astrology Course (Predictive Astrology)

**Recorded Sessions**

Soma -The Nectar.

This is a recorded course with 37 Lessons [18 lectures + 12 recorded QA sessions + Jaimini Sutram level-1 to clear doubts.-90 hours of lecture only on 12 signs and 9 planets] – this is as detailed as it can get.

โ€‹This course has been designed in such a way that you can be an absolute beginner in astrology or a practicing astrologer with 15 years of experience this course is something you do not want to miss as I have always said in my YouTube videos the basics are key to any prediction and this course will serve as a launchpad for your predictive astrology journey-This course will contain 16 classes and not only will solve the mystery of prediction but also give you a jump start to make absolute brilliant predictions from blank chart only.

[read more] Course Contents-I have designed this course in a most practical way possible-We all know different qualities of each sign but how to actually pick up every small detail and make a prediction out of the simple thing is something which comes with experience.

How to predict on blank chart using qualities of Sign.

How to verify lineage of chart by combinations in chart as well as identifying symptoms in lineage.

Stories related to different planet and Signs and how to use them for predictive purposes.

Excerpts from Lal- Kitab and how they synchronize with Vedic astrology.

Remedies related to every planet.

How to decode a Shloka from classical text and make technique out it.

How to Predict combining various qualities of Sign and planets.

โ€‹Bonus technique on-

Birth Time rectification Techniques.

Paribharaman Paddati- To predict yearly events such as Marriage, Job Change, House, Car, health.[/read]