Predictive Astrology Course – A Road for Legends
[The Happiness Series – Recorded Sessions]

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This is a Revised Predictive On Astrology course with stunning new content to give you goosebumps so you fall in love with Jyotish.

New Stories- New techniques- An Approach of Jyotish never seen before.

A Course which has helped several students to become a professional astrologer and walk on the pathway to becoming an absolute legend – This course We are not only going to talk about Jyotish but also to help you clear your inner blockages to become a better human as a person who is not happy and self-contained will never be able to help others- This course will not only teach you Jyotish but also prepare you for a far better objective in life so you can spread the light. We are going to start the Predictive Astrology course live – This course is for the absolute beginner in Jyotish to help them understand the basics of Jyotish as well as it will help you sort out issues related to your life to become a better human being.

The course will not only give you a solid foundation in Jyotish but also a new perspective about life on how to work towards a goal and become a legend as every lecture we are going to talk about how you can improve your life by small changes and making a new path for yourself.

So what this course will contain;

The course will cover the detailed predictive techniques of 12 signs and 9 planets- This is an upgraded content as compared to last time as I felt this is time I should make this course more accurate so Pracitsing astrologers, as well as beginners, can easily make their mark in the world of Jyotish.

  • Why Planets go in certain houses- Stories related to different signs and Planets
  • How you can implement and balance the energy of 12 signs in your life and clear blockages.
  • Remedies related to 12 signs.
  • Blank chart predictions will be revealed for the first time- This is a Code of Zodiac- Never revealed before from Chandra Kala Nadi.
  • New Stories related to each planet and implementation of these stories in real life- See an Example FB post- on Lunar Astro- Venus in 8th house.
  • What this course is going to teach you in terms of Value- You will realise the amount and content delivered is something on which you cannot put a price.

No of Classes- 15
Mode of Language- Hindi, and English

Course Value- Infinity
Fee – 25000 INR | 370$

Recording of Each Lesson will be provided for 6 months

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