Monthly Predictions

Monthly Predictions – Since we have been providing the monthly predictions regularly in our quarterly magazine , we will now provide the same to everyone in the form of a subscription which will be free for all students of Jyotish. The Subscription will include the Monthly predictions for all ascendants including certain remedies if needed , as well as Students can see the daily predictions which will be made using the panchang – we will keep updating the sheets for the coming months and it will be made available to everyone.ย 

Aries Lagna – This month there will be major focus related to money matters and focus on the health of family members – you will try to save a good amount of money during this time but eventually the money will either go in buying Medicines for parents or for the medical Insurance.ย 


Some food material will run out in emergency due to which either you have to visit the market in an emergency or get your food ordered from online – please store enough food previously when buying – also some electrical lights in home which are placed above the curtains or the cupboard may not work and they would need to be changed.ย 


This is month in which there will be troubles due to either verbal fights or due to the health going bad of your In-Laws – they would need some medicine as someone in the inlaws will feel weak or may get fever or a minor Injury in their leg.ย 


During the Initial Phrase of this time – you will not be able to concentrate in studies or in your daily rituals , but there will be a major shift towards the end as you will fully focus and will maintain a proper discipline and bring back certain rituals which you will again start doing.


Stomach issues is seen as well such due to indigestion and atleast it will occur twice during this whole month , due to this issue some of your daily plans may get shifted to a later time or date – please keep your food habits in checkย 


Your father will spend more time in isolation and will start meditating or reading more books or newspaper – some of your old belief systeam will get demolished during this month as you will learn something totally new because of which you will feel more relaxed and content – some of your earlier mistakes related to the 9th house will get corrected.ย 


Work overload will be present during this month as well but plesae dont expect any promotion but instead a financial rise or some bonus may be given to your – also your boss will not be present in office some of the days or he will take a leave.ย 

Taurus Lagna –ย 

For those who are looking to get married or start looking for marriage proposals – this is the month in which you will get atleast more than 3 proposals , but everytime some resistance from Father can be present – at the end please make sure both the families agree and ample time if given for the talking from both sides.ย 


A Food outing or a family outing will also happen this month after a long time – please relax and enjoy this time. Although a lot of expenses will also happen and you will buy some thing which you desired for a long time for your personal use either new cloths or some online subscription.ย 


You will perform the Puja of Shiv Ji and while doing so a lot of peace wil come as you will do the Abhishek daily – it will be a very peaceful experience from what you have experienced before.


Disputes with Mother or Mother in Law will happen as you will sleep more , also a lot of cleaning in home will happen along with sorting a lot of household things which have been pending for a lot of time – clock batteries will be changed , new curtains will be brought as well.ย 


Mood swings will happen during this time as well as several instances of Adreline rush suddenly – those who are facing issues related to anxiety , please take care and plan things before executing , also donating Rice or Kheer in the temple of Shri Ram of Hanuman Ji (Around your locality) will help.ย 


Irregularity in sleep will happen due to some tension related to the work assignment or an upcoming exam/studies – this is happening due to the face you have not been studying property due to several distractions – donating Amla in Sunday in the temple of Ma Lakshmi will improve focus.ย 


THere will be a dream during this time , either it will be related to a female ancestor or an animal , within that dream you will see someone very close and by the time you wake up , either you will get a sense of peace or you will start crying.ย 

Gemini Lagna –ย 

There will be disputes among the workplace with the management and you can get into the mode of fighting , please avoid such instances as it can lead to suspension or major troubles in the workplace – now you are given pressure and the time of enjoyment will become almost zero.ย 


Health related issues can crop up either of cold, or some skin issues but it will be recovered eventually after medicines are consumed – please take care of the health of your mother as well as she may need to consume some medicine of Fever or skin allergy.


Frequent visits to the Devi Temple of to the temple of your locality will increase and it will eventually become a daily ritual to visit and see the Aarti in the temple – going along with your mother or your sibling will bring in a lot of peace and eventually solutions will come to the seemingly unsolvable problems – also please help and provide food and shelter/medical attention to all the animals which require help.ย 


Some new investment of father can happen either in real estate , to buy a new property or in the stocks – please avoid doing so as this money will not be fruitful as well as instead of buying new properties now, it will be much better to wait


Electrical issues in home will happen either due to some wrong wiring or due to overheating is seen – this will most likely happen around the dressing table area of in the direction of North – North West of the home. The lights in home will need to be changed during this time – fluctuations or some repair work due to Internet (Jio Fiber) may also happen due to which the net may experience some down time


Please do not consume too much outside food especially fast food such as Samosas , as it can lead to digestion issues or stomach upset. h


If there are issues of property in the home or issues due to loan going on along with a disputable home environment, chanting the Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam will sort out the issues – but while doing this some things will break or electrical issues will crop up such as the food cooker being broken.

Cancer Lagna –ย 

There will be a lot of time spent in this month for doing finance management and sorting out the expenses and the money needed for the family , also for a certain duration you will be very lazy and will not be willing to do anything and watch netflix or some movies during this time.ย 


ย New assignments or projects will be initiated in office as well as some of the pending work which had been discarded before , will be started again – this is the project which will have a lot of complexities but if it is done property , it can be very beneficial to the company. The only precaution before taking this step is that please make sure not to overlook certain paperwork or rules when performing this assignment


There will be financial gains in the profession as well as change in office property or your work area may be shifted. During work you will not get much time to consume food and several times you will be in a hurry.ย 


Even during all this pressure or complexities in office, you will be content within and will be involved in spiritual learning and you will feel happy as you will listen/read several spiritual scritures or get into a habit of learning new spiritual knowledge from someone.ย 


Your boss will invite you to a family function or due to a certain special ocasion , your boss will sponsor the food from outside.ย 


This is the time in which you will spend more the required due to your own enjoyment , due to which later on you will run less on your savings – please avoid any unnecessary expenditure and save this money as it will be needed later on for your family itself.


If you are planning to travel during this time , you will travel with your family but at the same time some rescheduling of the travel dates or the Journey itself will happen or as you are travelling, you will remember something that you have forgotten and you have to come back again due to it.ย 

Leo Lagna –ย 

You will start meditating or reading a lot of spiritual books at night , sleep time will get organized and sleep will start happening properly eventually by the mid of next month and you can expect to be disciplined in sleep – there will be a mirror brought in your bedroom or you will see yourself in the mirror everyday as you are going to sleep.ย 


This is the time in which there will be a lot of internal changes in your office, at the same time either you will work from home for a few days or a leave will be taken for you to give time to yourself.ย 


Health will still stay down or you will be under a lot of workpressure , because of which you are experiencing a lot of stress and unable to get any time to enjoy – one of the things that can happen is that a good financial rise or a positional gain in office can be seen during this time and it will be more like a managerial job/position.ย 


You will see your old friend or someone childlike in your dream – that is the dream in which your ancestor will visit you – when this happens please light a Diya under a Peepal Tree facing the direction of east and pray for the wellbeing of your ancestors.ย 


Electrical issues around the office storeroom will happen as well as some office resource will go for the maintenance due to which there will be delay in your work , but at the same time disputes with one of the employees or verbal abuse can happen – insread of fighting please avoid such instances as it can lead to a very bad fight with insults – Please donate money for Animal medical Care or Operations.ย 


If the above point happens , at the same time there will be emotional issues which will be observed in the life of your father or your boss due to either his own family or money related issue – helping your boss resolve this issue will solve your own personal problems as well.ย 


You will visit a place which you have been longing for a long time , especially parks or an area which consists of a lot of trees/oxygen and then you can even use slides or ride the swing.ย 


Father will have some work related to the bank , please help your father complete this work and make sure that there are no mistakes when this is being done.

Virgo Lagna –ย 

This is the month in which a lot of body care is required as you can get sick very easily and issues with either ache, skin/breadthing issue or fever can occur – especially within the 3rd week of November itself. Please take care of yourself and give yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate.ย 


This is the time in which you will notice a lot of sudden Mood Swings along with fights with siblings or friends. Sudden Anger issues is also seen due to which you may utter a lot of abuses – during this time you can make goals as to what you want to do and then stick to achieve that. Donation of Jagger or Honey in the devi temple to the Pandit JI as well as to all the people outside the temple will help.ย 


During this time there will be instances in which some animal will come to you in a case of emergency – please do the needful and take care of the animal even if you have to sacrifice something – also you have have to take the animal to the vet initially or provide medicines.ย 


Changes of the wallpaper or password of the phone is also seen and you will use the โ€œForget Passwordโ€ feature to reset the password of one of the accounts. Buying or repair work of one of your phones or the laptop is also seen happening this month – take care of the battery of all the devices as it can go bad and may require changing


You will also purchase a new Dustbin for your home or workplace along with perform some maintenance work for your Gyeser.ย 


As you will go out , please be aware while driving and drive slow , as there is a chance that you may go into a fight with someone else due to your driving – also there will be an instance in which you will disobey the traffic rules and drive even on a Red Signal.ย 


One of your old friends will contact you for someone and you will get the news of either their marriage or their childbirth – this would be the friend with whom you had a good contact while you were in the school/ collage.


When making decisions or during the anger issues – try to see what the other person is telling and see the issue from the perspective from the other person as well , this will help avoid a lot of fights during this time.

Libra Lagna –ย 

Please check in home that all the necessary goods are present as during this time there can be sudden expenses due to an emergency in home or some medicines or grocery have to be brought at the night time.


There will be some disputes with family due to money or loan which can result in verbal fights -if you are looking to invest or spend in property matters, this is the time in which you may be charged extra or the property can have electrical issues, please buy/sell property with proper caution and not in a hurry.


There will be a lot of cleaning in home, espicially removal of dust as well as washing the balcony or the terrace with water – while cleaning the home you will come across one of the gemstones as well as a lot of old photos. During this time please take care of your mother as she can face some body pain or digestion issues.


In the office this is the time when you can get some kind of financial gain or promotion as well as this is the time in which your boss can be in favour in giving you a bonus or appreciate you after a long time of hardwork and stress. You may also have to work in the night due to which there can be sleep issues – in the office also some change in the team rules of office policy can happen.


Verbal fights with the partner is seen , which can happen during the time of cooking or eating and this fight can escalate a bit and will cause a lot of stress at night or due to this fight you will have problems in sleeping – the remedy for this that please go ahead and cook food in the kitchen with your partner together.ย 


This is the time in which visit to a Chinsese restaurant will occur and you will consume either a Korean Noodles or a dish which is very fancy – this will be the dish which you will again consume for a 2nd time during the same month.ย 


Washroom essentials such as Shampoo will be finished and during this time you will buy a brand of Shampoo which you have used before , but later discontinued it.ย 

Scorpio Lagna –ย 

There will be transformation in your profession either departmental changes as well as some kind of financial or gain of position during this time. Regardless of the gain please be ready to take in much more responsibilities and some kind of managerial work and you will be reporting to the higher authority directly during this time.ย 


There will be a lot of mental stress in your daily routine in home or due to the work , as a results you will not get enough food and will eat in hurry a lot of times – mental anxeity can also happen along with issue of blood pressure to your mother – please go for a doctor visit before.ย 


Those who are going through some diagnosis due to some medical condition , this is the month in which there will be changes in the medicines which have been prescribed by the doctor, this will be a medicine of a higher dose and maximum it will continue for 1 week.ย 


Till around 25th of november , there will be more expenses in your daily life – after that your focus will shift to taking care and stabilizing your carrier , marriage as well as your own health – a lot of self focus will be present especially during the Start of December.ย 


You will come across some new animal especially a cat which will require help – please go ahead and help the animal whose who are in need or require some kind of medical attention.ย 


There will be some kind of maintenance required of either your phone or the laptop as the battery will not work properly or due to some other technical/electrical issue – a new device may also be brought during this time.


Pease take care of your digestion as you can face stomach upset or issues of constipation.ย 

Sagittarius Lagna –ย 


This month please take care of your health as for some time there can be Issue of cough , back pain , or digestion – the remedy would be to donate Pumpkin in the temple within your locality.


Due to a lot of workload, there will be sleep issue or a lot of time you will take your laptop in the bed itself and fall asleep while working – also some kind of office equipment change along with your sitting arrangement change in office will be present. For a short duration of time the net will be down in office due to some error.


If you are a student , please make sure to revise atleast 2 or more times as your preparation is done but you have missed some essential pointers which is very much needed – in the exam now what you will study the 2nd or 3rd time will be the questions which have the higher change to come.


You will make plans to buy new cloths but this is one of those plans which will not get executed at once and even after buying the cloth there can be some dissatisfaction – also you will but cloths which are of mixed fabric.ย 


This is the month in which a lot of expenses will occur due to which you may face issues with your savings – either due to purchase of travel tickets of flight or train as you will plan to visit a foreign place for a vacation.ย 


There will be one time in which you would want to go to the bank but the bank will be closed or there will be a lot of time taken in the bank due to public or the bank employees bring in the lunch.ย 


Father can face issues related to heart or breathing issues – please take proper care of your father – donation of Wheat in the devi temple will help – please make sure the Wheat is touched by your father beforehand.ย 


This is the month in which either your sibling or one of your office employees will ask your for money either for higher education or due to some urgent issue – please donate if this opportunity comes.ย 

Capricorn Lagna –ย 


There will be a lot of stress due to work in this month as struggles will be present to meet the deadline of your assignment , due to this you may have to rest for some more time as your body may not permit you to do your work efficiently – please give your body enough rest – fasting on Saturdayโ€™s and helping the cleaners , maids will help.ย 


Your maid will ask for some bonus, extra money in this month, as well as she may ask for some leave due to a certain emergency due to health issue or because of child – when this happens please help them out as it will be a critical situation otherwise. The same may happen with one of your employees.ย 


If you are looking for some kind of promotion or a gain in position – this is the time in which the talks will go on but eventually the fructification may not happen – but regardless, the job which you are doing now will be safe and you will continue in the same job.ย 


Health of your father may go bad either due to issues of stomach, some nerve problem or viral fever –ย  please do regular Puja of Shiv Ji with the Panchamrit and the Bel Patra , health of your fahter will start getting better.ย 


This is the month in which your stomach may become upset or the digestion will become irregular , as well as ther will be a lot of things which are not needed within or around your dressing table – please remove those items as it is storing a lot of negative energy.ย 


If you are looking to buy property , this is not the correct time to invest in real estate or property matters as the result of buying property now will lead to a lot of long term disputes along with verbal fights related to money – please wait for sometime.ย 


New lights in home will be brought as either the previous lights will get bad or even after buying the lights it will be a defective piece and will need to be replaced.ย 


Mother may face issues related to heomoblobin or platelets – please feed all the people who are facing poverty issues or are in need outside your local temple (Can be hanuman Ji temple or any devi Temple).ย 

Aquarius Lagna –ย 


This is the time in which you will be working at night and doing some work realted to design management or most of the hardest work within the office will get done during the time of sleep.ย 


There can be an Injury in hand or fever for few days – while driving please take care as there can be an instance where you get into an argument with another person as your car/bike hit the other car by mistake – also while in a car or driving you will consume some fast food like chips or samosas.ย 


You or your employees will try to take a leave due to some work in the home but eventually either the leave will not be granted at once or the duration of the leave will be shortened – please avoid taking leaves during this period as later on a lot more work can get piled up due to which you may face troubles


Gain or some investment in the property matters will happen during this time as well as you will get an invite to attend some kind of family function either due to marriage or due to childbirth – in this event your work colleagues or your paternal side will be involved.ย 


You will visit to the bank 2 or more than 2 times as there is some pending work which needs to be done from long time but you did not get the time before to perform it – but the day you go to the bank all your other work will get delayed due to the amount of people being present there with you.ย 


There will be electrical issues within the office as well as the washroom/kitchen of your office will face either the issue of water or the RO/Electrical device will stop working and eventually will need to be replaced – the MCB of the office may also drop for few timesย 


After a long time you will listen to stories which are of mystery or horror/detective and you will watch a similar show on netflix or youtube.

Pisces Lagna –ย 


Please take care of your health as you can get cold very easily during this time and face issue either due to liver or digestion problems may occur during this time – wear a muffler or something to protect your ears and face – if you get cold it will take atleast more than 1 week for recovery – donation of Pumpkin in the temple of Shiv Ji or Shani Dev will help – please go physically to the temple for this donation.ย 


Some change of policies among the office rules may be done as well as few of the projects which has been abandoned before may get taken up again due to which you may face more workload which was not supposed to come to you – promotion will not happen during this time although you are eligible for it.ย 


Verbal fights with your spouse or your family can happen suddenly in a public place or due to some decision making choices – this is the time in which you can say some things very rudely without thinking twice – instead of speaking please think twice as it can lead to emotional troubles with the familyย 


A lot of sudden expenses may happen in this month due to groceries as you will buy a lot of things from the marketplace in an emergency – such as garments, toothpaste, soap for washing utensils, as well as a room heater – all this will be bought due to your partner/family.ย 


If you are planning to give any exams – please revise atleast 3 times before going to the examination hall and there can be some equipment which you may forget the first time – take the advise of your father and check twice before leavning to the examination hall during this time.ย 


Mother can face some kind of health issues due to stomach or heart/BP issues , especially towards the end of November due to which she may need to consume certain medicines which will be prescribed by the doctor – visit to the doctor is also something which will happen regardless.ย 


An Animal will come to you , most likely a mother dog , please help any animal who comes to you and provide them proper nourishment, food and water along with any medical attention if needed.