Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

As I am gearing up for the next Predictive course on Planets as my last course was on Signs – the new course will focus on Planets.
which is mainly on Why certain planets get certain houses ?- What is so special about Mars in the sign of Cancer that it gets debilitated and in fact both Moon and Mars are friends but it is considered as a debilitated planet- Why a native gets a debilitated Mars?

These are the techniques used during the pending karma readings that why certain people get some malefic combinations in certain houses? Astrology has been limited to mostly 3 questions – Job, Marriage, Health. but our main focus should be why? As most of the Bhrighu readings will state the reason why the native is suffering and the corrective actions.

What happens when you ask a question like – Why I have got debilitated Mars? What is the Karam still I need to correct?
You are self-analysing your patterns and behaviour and one night it will strike you with lightning that all my life the behaviour was due to energy I have got due to debilitated Mars- that is why people cry during readings or sometimes after the remedial measures when energy starts sorting out thoughts.

Moon is the epicentre of your birth chart and Cancer rasi is the powerhouse -The main house where your thoughts get generated- Mars is Krodh – Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer as neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart- That is why disease like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure or head-related issues will come in the picture.

What happens when we throw a burning ball in water- It boils and when water is boiling -there is a lot of movement in it and we cannot see anything else- Similarly, a person in Anger cannot see anything or make a Judgement properly- The logic of Mars fails- Mars works wonderfully in the sign of Capricorn- Which is a logical sign and cold sign as well -A warrior when thinks with logic and cold minded decisions- that is the combination that makes an army general deadly.

Look at people who are able to learn most in their life-One common thing you will notice about them is – they are dedicated to searching for knowledge and are really happy and contented with learning without any Jealousy, backbiting, groupism or anything else. As our only goal in Jyotish should be learning as there is no greater joy in anything else in this world rather than learning- rest all things will fall in place but a person with Mars in Cancer has a hard time adjusting to let it go and help people genuinely without any other motive.

It’s a situation where you are confused as you don’t even know what to do -What is right or wrong- This situation can be pacified if Jupiter aspects it and makes it very clear as the wisdom of Guru is required while the aspect of Saturn will make things worse and eventually lead to the downfall of the native in the dasa of Mars- as the native will be able to make several wrong decisions but only in dasa of Mars/Moon native will experience the true results of the combination.

The Situation is exactly like Arjuna in front of Krishna not knowing what to do and how to react to the emotions he was running through -He asked Krishna to make his chariot place between two armies as he was wanted to make a conclusive decision by standing from there but how can he when was going through emotional turmoil and then Guru like Krishna solved his inner conflicts but the question was why natives get Mars in Cancer sign.

Sri Krishna

The person who always complains about food quality/land/house- Do not give food to his horses and provide proper shed yard for them – (In today’s context- The native’s Vehicle will not be maintained and parking will be cramped) – Native who disturbs other people while eating food- The one who was not serious about work and earned unlawful money as Property agent/or as a supplier to the food, clothes, the one who has a dispute of property with brothers in a past life will be born with debilitated Mars and will never be happy about their profession in this life.

To remove this curse native should start with the habit of praising food all the time, Keep his Vehicle well maintained and donate food to the policeman for starting.

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  1. Mrs.Madhuri Jadhav.

    Tnq Sir !!!๐Ÿ™
    Sir I request U ,if possible , will U plz start second batch for predictive astrology course ?


  2. Utkarsh Sharma

    I have mars in cancer in 12th house and i still do not praise food made by anyone, will surely try to change that. But i keep my vehicles are very well maintained.

  3. Sir I have mars in cancer for Gemini ascendant. With Jupiter and mercury in 12 house and Saturn in 7th house. Whenever I donโ€™t know what to do I always go to Krishna to show me way. Thank you for remedy.

  4. Pinpoint Analysis which has become Your Hallmark!!!
    Mars in Scorpio people are found very attached to their motherโ€ฆ. Is this the reason for low earning due to weakening of Capricorn, the opp tenth sign??

  5. Pinpoint Analysis which has become Your Hallmark!!!
    Mars in Scorpio people are found very attached to their motherโ€ฆ. Is this the reason for low earning due to weakening of Capricorn, the opp tenth sign??

  6. Sunil Deshpande

    Thanksโ€ฆ For this wonderful sharing of thoughtsโ€ฆyou always enlighten us with new dimensionsโ€ฆ Thank you again

  7. If Mars is Debllitated in 12th in D9 for Leo Lagna…and Mars is in 2nd in D1..I am running Mars Mahadasa…What are the Good and Bad results and Remidies

    1. Shubho Bagchi

      I have been following for quite some time, and your wisdom surprises me each time. I pray that you and your family stay healthy and lead a peaceful life always. Maa Kaali Bless you Deepanshu Sir.

  8. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Once again you wrote a wonderful article on debilitated Mars, Deepanshu ji.

    To control anger in case of Mars placed either in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn practicing Asana, pranayama, mudras, bandhas will be useful. Once the mind reaches subtlest state, subtle calmness will prevail within, of course due to deeper meditation.

    Yadruccha labha santhusta .. satisfy with what you possess .. Bhagavad Gita has to be remembered by those who has debilitated Mars. Why I am restless is due to dissatisfaction within. So, the root cause of dissatisfaction is debilitated Mars. So do the remedy meant for it.

    You have already suggested the remedy in the last para. Offer food to policeman. People can offer food to them during police bandobust, election duties, during lockdowns period etc.

    To please the planets and their wrath is doing nishkama karma i.e. serving to the people as if serving to the God without thinking about fruits of the said karma.

    In other words participate in self-less voluntary activities, specially during spiritual programmes. It is like Atman is serving to the physical bodies in this physical world.

    Nice, Deepanshu ji, those who are keenly following your videos and articles will definitely get benefited and can root out their bad karmas. The way is knowing the subtle secret and implementing the same with devotion.

    Wish God bless us all and protect us from all future destructive virus waves.

  9. I have debilated mars and moon as well .
    Capricorn ascendent ,Saturn mars conjunction.
    From feb 21 mars dasha started.
    Very emotional person , canโ€™t control my tears.
    Deepanshu ji ,thank you so much for sharing this kind of knowledge.
    Zindgi me ho saka to apse nakshatr course zaroor karungi.

    1. V good, as Deepanshu sir has thought crying is the best remedy for Moon ..
      As Moon is the queen she will get convinced only emotionally, Do cry and Moon will get convinced..
      Ecru Monday

  10. Thank you so much for Sharing this knowledge as always, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Please continue your good work as the world needs more of good people like you๐Ÿ™

  11. Pranam sir, thank you for the wonderful post…right now not able to express my happiness…whenever i read or listen anything from you …feel blessed that i am gaining something in my life

  12. Pranaam gurudevโ€ฆsalutations before your lotus feetโ€ฆgurudev i have mars in pisces in 4th houseโ€ฆand i an totally confused where i dont know how to move forward and how to make progress in lifeโ€ฆi also sometimes criticize the food preparationโ€ฆand moreover i am undergoing jupiter mahadasha and mars antardashaโ€ฆgurudevโ€ฆas per your videos i have started eating banana empty stomach first thing in morning, i shall try to do other remedies as wellโ€ฆ.

  13. Gurudev i had a doubt..i have enrolled myself for the new predictive course and i am a beginner….can i do the new predictive course as in i am a beginner?

  14. Deepak Thakkar

    sir ur all explanation on planet or nakshatra etc will be fabulous. ur remidises all work very well. ur genuin soul.thks for all.๐Ÿ™

  15. Vijaya Lakshmi

    I have Mars and moon in cancer 4 th House. Really I am in a condition of Arjuna. Now I get my knowledge from krishna . Thank you so much sir.

  16. Thank you, Sir for this very thoughtful post. I have Mars in Cancer 12h in Navamsa…. conjunct Sun and Moon with aspect from Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn 6th H. Ive always had a bad habit of not taking care of vehicles but Iam getting better. Thank you again, Sir.

  17. Tathagat Behera

    A very heartly thank to you Deepanshu sir.I have mars in cancer in 9th house, Saturn in 3 rd house Scorpio lagna.Always have mentally turmoil and i should practice this food habits and vechile maintenance.Thank you

  18. Namaste Sir. Lovely post. Checked on 2 different charts and bingo, neither of them ever have anything good to say about the food cooked. If specifically asked how is it, they give a fake or on-the-spot made up response. Many times I have been frustrated and wonder why they hold back on 2 words of happiness that cost nothing to them. Now it is crystal clear ๐Ÿ™‚ Pranam Sir

  19. Bns Janardhan Rao

    Yes sir ji, I have mars in 4th house. I don’t like my career, I don’t like my life too. I don’t know when this punishment will end. I get money I spend it for a cause not for myself. But I never have savings. I will rise again.

  20. Sir pranam,
    You always come with the new secret of jyotish and with key as well…. Thanku so much sir

  21. Ramashree N C

    Sir..bang on… I have Mars in sign of cancer
    10 the house…
    I had issues in the work place..and always highly emotional…

  22. Thank you sir for such a wonderful aticle. I got the debilitated Mars (aspected by Saturn & Jupiter) in 7th house. I have got glandular TB in my moon dasha and lost mother in Mars dasha, extremely tough phase. During rahu, made several wrong decision related to relationship. Finally got married during last year of rahu dasha after several lesson learnt. Now Jupiter dasha about to start. Only thing is, in this life, never had anger issue, infact appreciate food always, which my mother has taught in my childhood, maybe that would have been my karma to correct in this life. Hope I will be able to correct more n more past life karma in my this life with the blessings of my parents, you as my guru and ultimately the god. I again bow to your knowledge ๐Ÿ™

  23. Namashkar Sir, why one get combust Mars ? I have Mars in virgo 11th house with Sun and Mercury. But Mercury is not combusted.

  24. Shashidhar Hebbar

    Pichle 3saal se kaam nahi isliye paise ka bahut tangi chal raha hai jaise bi ho adjust karke aapse sikhna he sir blessing me sir

  25. Pragya Gondane

    Thankyou sir for the great insight.You are really that guru who resolves all the inner conflicts.

  26. Dilip bhargav

    Parnaam dipansu ji ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒบ sir actually i have no words to write abt u how to dicribe u help full god father of jyotish great human being ๐Ÿ™ ect…. my son have marc
    with ketu in 1st house cancer ascendant moon in Scorpio 5the house…. Exchange..

  27. Divitha Rithesh Alva

    Mars debilitated in 10th house aspected by Saturn in lagna and Jupiter in 2nd house… Is it debilated or in good dignity… Libra Lagna…
    Thank U Sir. .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. If Jupiter is aspecting Mars the things as stated above remains in limit…but if Saturn is aspecting Mars then again the problems arise in reaptated pattern.

  29. Its very nice of you to share the solution of the problem . Many thanks for providing the reasoning behind the planetary positions

  30. Sivamsundaram

    This is spot on for someone I know, he never appreciates his cooks or drivers but lives alone with many of them; its almost scary. Sir can you please elaborate a bit on Mars in Virgo? This year you warned of stomach surgeries for such natives. Deep gratitude.

  31. What a beautiful article, no idea how to thank you for this, I am Leo asc having Mars in Virgo in second house, I always praise food and my bike is also neat and clean all the time, no idea what more to do.

  32. I love this post and this knowledge. Please tell me which is this course name that I need to take to learn more about the position of my planets. Thank you so much!

  33. Harshavardhan

    Yes Sir , absolutely right.I cannot simply forgive,forget and move on with the things.I tend to hold the grudge and vengeance for years even for the minute events and insults.I have been changing many jobs past 3 years.Everywhere i had this anger management issues.But itโ€™s always the women who come to my rescue at workplace.I have moon mars in cancer in pushya nakshatra in 10 th house .Thank you

  34. So true. I have Mars in 11th house in cancer and I always complain about the food I always have something to say. And my moon is in 8th house Aries. I also find it very difficult to make decisions and always ask people what to do because I am scared of my decision. I get very confused and emotional also about my school work.

  35. Pranam sir thanks for such a unique article. I am very thankful to God for connecting me with lunar astro. You have given unique perspective to understand astrology. Sir today while reading your post I am surprised that this is the question which answers I am searching. Sir I am very unrest like mriga to know energy and purpose of my soul. Aapse jurne ke baad ek umeed jagi hai please help me sir. 30th December 1974 9.36am patna. Sir mera margdarsan kare aapke amulaya Salah ke liye mai aapki jeevan bhar aabhari rahugi

  36. I have Mars-Moon in 1st house in Cancer Rashi. You have written the story of my life but I see it in a different light. Debilitated Mars gives you frustrations, fights and unexplained anger (shouting matches) but the same energy if properly channelized would lead you doing wonders later on. I started progressing in life after 27th birthday. Anger is sorted out too with time and yes I do not forgive or forget easily but I see that as my strength. Itโ€™s saved me from falling into similar traps number of times. Love my energy. Love being me.

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