Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

As I am gearing up for the next Predictive course on Planets as my last course was on Signs – the new course will focus on Planets.
which is mainly on Why certain planets get certain houses ?- What is so special about Mars in the sign of Cancer that it gets debilitated and in fact both Moon and Mars are friends but it is considered as a debilitated planet- Why a native gets a debilitated Mars?

These are the techniques used during the pending karma readings that why certain people get some malefic combinations in certain houses? Astrology has been limited to mostly 3 questions – Job, Marriage, Health. but our main focus should be why? As most of the Bhrighu readings will state the reason why the native is suffering and the corrective actions.

What happens when you ask a question like – Why I have got debilitated Mars? What is the Karam still I need to correct?
You are self-analysing your patterns and behaviour and one night it will strike you with lightning that all my life the behaviour was due to energy I have got due to debilitated Mars- that is why people cry during readings or sometimes after the remedial measures when energy starts sorting out thoughts.

Moon is the epicentre of your birth chart and Cancer rasi is the powerhouse -The main house where your thoughts get generated- Mars is Krodh – Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer as neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart- That is why disease like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure or head-related issues will come in the picture.

What happens when we throw a burning ball in water- It boils and when water is boiling -there is a lot of movement in it and we cannot see anything else- Similarly, a person in Anger cannot see anything or make a Judgement properly- The logic of Mars fails- Mars works wonderfully in the sign of Capricorn- Which is a logical sign and cold sign as well -A warrior when thinks with logic and cold minded decisions- that is the combination that makes an army general deadly.

Look at people who are able to learn most in their life-One common thing you will notice about them is – they are dedicated to searching for knowledge and are really happy and contented with learning without any Jealousy, backbiting, groupism or anything else. As our only goal in Jyotish should be learning as there is no greater joy in anything else in this world rather than learning- rest all things will fall in place but a person with Mars in Cancer has a hard time adjusting to let it go and help people genuinely without any other motive.

It’s a situation where you are confused as you don’t even know what to do -What is right or wrong- This situation can be pacified if Jupiter aspects it and makes it very clear as the wisdom of Guru is required while the aspect of Saturn will make things worse and eventually lead to the downfall of the native in the dasa of Mars- as the native will be able to make several wrong decisions but only in dasa of Mars/Moon native will experience the true results of the combination.

The Situation is exactly like Arjuna in front of Krishna not knowing what to do and how to react to the emotions he was running through -He asked Krishna to make his chariot place between two armies as he was wanted to make a conclusive decision by standing from there but how can he when was going through emotional turmoil and then Guru like Krishna solved his inner conflicts but the question was why natives get Mars in Cancer sign.

Sri Krishna

The person who always complains about food quality/land/house- Do not give food to his horses and provide proper shed yard for them – (In today’s context- The native’s Vehicle will not be maintained and parking will be cramped) – Native who disturbs other people while eating food- The one who was not serious about work and earned unlawful money as Property agent/or as a supplier to the food, clothes, the one who has a dispute of property with brothers in a past life will be born with debilitated Mars and will never be happy about their profession in this life.

To remove this curse native should start with the habit of praising food all the time, Keep his Vehicle well maintained and donate food to the policeman for starting.

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  1. Very well described, the details are informative and I’m sure everyone will get something to learn.

    I also remember in one of the video you mentioned, mars in the house 4 or in the cancer sign is due to the wrong doings done with the birds in their past life. The remedy was given is to provide water and food to birds which will help eliminate the -ve energy.

    Thank you once again.

  2. Sir please do a video on sun in 4th and Saturn in 7th.
    Sun is aspecting 10th house. But Saturn aspects sun. What will be effect on career?

  3. My daughter has mars rahu in close conjunction along with Venus in cancer in 11th houseโ€ฆ
    How to interpret thisโ€ฆshe has moon in Lagna, with Jupiter..

    1. Anita Agarwal

      Sir my son has debilitated mars in 4 house n debilitated moon in 8 house
      How to interpret thisโ€ฆ.ise neech kahe sakte hi

    1. I know someone who has Mars in Cancer in 9th house. She always cry to get out of a difficult situation. She had a bad relation with her father. But the effect of Mars in Cancer is not so severe in her case as she has Jupiter in Jyeshta Nakshatra in Lagana( Scorpio) giving it 9th aspect (As you said aspect of Jupiter can pacify the effect). Also she has Moon in fourth house.

  4. Dear sir,read your article on mars, i am gemini asc,jupiter in lagna, my mars sun and mercury in 11th house, i am ex defence retired in 2012 and after retirement changed 7 jobs, last was immigration in t3 new delhi, i am restless, physically as well mentally. Its due to mars combust in 11th house, ,kindly suggest anything to improve peace in my life,financially hand to mouth only. If deepnashu sir can suggest, suggestion from any astrogoloer in comment group also welcomed. Regards

  5. Sir I agree with all but want to share my own personal exp with mars in cancer sign, As u said People with mars in cancer do not help other people without their own personal motives but I have mars in cancer and I have always helped others without any motives and without taking any fee or charges, the real thing which I felt is that wen mars is in cancer it makes a person so emotional that if someone is crying and needs help from a person having mars in cancer the person can die for help him out. Tears are biggest motivation for these people.

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