Manasee Kaalay

Numerologist [Karma Numerrology]

Specialization :

Vedic Astrology, Numerologist, Vastu and Tarot Reader

Mrs. Manasee Kaalay has chosen the field of numerology as her passion, and not a profession. She has a charismatic personality, connects with her clients on a personal level, and has an in-depth knowledge of numerology. She has researched โ€œMissing Numbers” & Repeated Numbersโ€ in the birth date and how these numbers affect our life.

Our solutions and remedies are not only easy to adopt, but also affordable & logical. This quality of ours has earned great respect in the minds of our clients.

Mrs. Manasee is very soft-spoken and down-to-earth. These qualities and the client’s positive experiences have taken her to greater heights. She is invited on various TV channels as a Numerology and Vastu Consultant – Saam TV, IBN, TV, Zee 24 Taas, TV9, etc.

She is also a motivational speaker at events held by the Sakal Tanishka Group. Apart from this, she writes articles in popular newspapers and Marathi Magazines. Mrs. Manasee also appears at various FM Channels as a guest speaker – Radio City, Radio Mirchi, etc.

As she is making a mark in the field of numerology, she has received various accolades and awards from well-renowned organizations in this field –

โ€ข 10th International Conference held at Tashkent – Honored with Numerology Expert Award.
โ€ข International Astro Foundation – SRI LANKA NAVRATNA AWARD

Consultation languages: Hindi and Marathi

Numerologist [Karma Numerrology]
Numero Vastu
Tarot Reader

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